Shoppers Stop Order Tracking: Ensuring a Smooth Shopping Experience

At Shoppers Stop, we prioritize customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and transparent order tracking process. Understanding how to track your purchases and what to expect during the shipping phase can significantly enhance your shopping experience. This guide offers a detailed overview of the Shoppers Stop order tracking system, shipping policies, and how to manage any issues that might arise during the delivery of your order.

How to Track Your Order at Shoppers Stop

To keep you informed from the moment you place an order until it reaches your doorstep, Shoppers Stop has established a straightforward order tracking system. Here’s how you can track your order:

  • Access Order Tracking: Visit Shoppers Stop’s order tracking page directly.
  • Enter Order Details: Simply input your order number in the provided field to view the real-time status of your order.

The tracking system is designed to give you up-to-date information about your order’s processing, shipment, and expected delivery timeline.

Shipping Policies and Delivery Timelines

Free Delivery on All Orders

Shoppers Stop offers free delivery across India, ensuring that there are no additional shipping charges on your orders. This policy applies to every item available on the website, making it more accessible for customers nationwide to shop without worrying about extra costs.

Standard Shipping Times

  • Processing Time: Most orders are processed within 3-5 working days. During this time, items are picked, packed, and prepared for shipping.
  • Delivery Time: Once shipped, orders typically arrive within 2-3 days. The total time from placing an order to receiving it is generally within 5-8 working days.

Special Considerations

  • Extended Processing Times: In some cases, particularly when items need to be sourced from different locations, the processing time can extend up to 7 working days.
  • Cancellation of Unshipped Orders: If any part of your order cannot be shipped within 7 working days, that part is automatically cancelled, and you will be notified via email. The payment for the cancelled items will be refunded according to the original method of payment.

Handling Delivery Issues

Damaged or Tampered Packages

Upon delivery, if you notice that the package is either damaged or tampered with, we strongly advise you not to accept it. Instead, contact our Customer Care immediately by emailing with your order reference number. We are committed to ensuring that a replacement delivery is arranged as promptly as possible.

Shipping with Trusted Couriers

We partner with leading courier services to make sure that your order is delivered safely and on time. Deliveries are made on all weekdays (Monday to Saturday), excluding public holidays.

Refunds and Returns

Refund Process

In the event of any part of your order being cancelled by us, or if you return an item, the refund process is initiated immediately. For credit card payments, the amount will not be charged for cancelled items. For debit card or net banking payments, the bank will be instructed to process the refund within 2 working days.

Bank Processing Times

Please note that the actual credit to your account might take between 7-15 days, depending on your bank’s processing times. If you do not receive the credit within this period, we encourage you to contact your bank and inform us of any delays.


At Shoppers Stop, we are dedicated to providing you with a hassle-free shopping experience. Our efficient order tracking and robust shipping policies are designed to meet your needs effectively. If you encounter any issues or have questions, our customer support team is always ready to assist you.

By following these guidelines and utilizing our resources, you can trust that your purchases will arrive on time and in perfect condition. Enjoy your shopping at Shoppers Stop!


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