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Monday, August 12, 2019

Beauty Tips: For a Beautiful Skin

10:06 PM
Beauty Tips: For a Beautiful Skin

Beauty Tips: For a Beautiful Skin

Cleanse your skin morning and evening with regular care. Even if you do not wear makeup, make a habit of washing your skin morning and evening. This act eliminates dust, pollution, oil, and sweat, and has the complexion net.

Moisturize your skin regularly. It well hydrates your skin, and your skin will be soft and tender. Also, the moisturizer is the best prevention against wrinkles and fine lines.

Do scrub once in a week if you have oily skin otherwise every 15 days for healthy and dry skin. Scrubbing is an easy way to get glittering golden face. However, care should be taken not to disturb the cell renewal and cell formation.

Clean your accessories like sponges and brushes regularly. The beauty accessories are the nest for microbes, which passes it to your face. Wash them periodically with hot water and little soap or shampoo.

The skin’s needs are constantly changing depending on various factors such as season, age, hormonal changes, Health, etc. Suitable care given a few months ago may no longer fit your skin now, so do not hesitate to turn to new products if you notice changes such as tightness, rash, excessive brightness, etc.

Eat fruits and vegetables that help fight free radicals responsible for premature aging. An unhealthy lifestyle often has repercussions on the condition of your skin. Because of overuse of sugars and fats, your body addicted translates his discomfort a dull complexion, pimples, dry skin, and wrinkles.

Nothing like the practice of physical activity can oxygenate the cells and give a radiant complexion to your skin. The radiance of your complexion depends mostly on the quality of your sleep.

Avoid touching your face with an unclean hand. If you did not wash your hands, don’t touch your face. In fact, the sides are real vehicles for bacteria. You just need you to contact the face after moving a door, money, computer keyboard or other to have the assurance of having deposited on your skin thousands of bacteria ready to make you sick or to into ugly pimples.

The last but not the least, Protect you from the sun. Solar radiation is mainly responsible for wrinkles and brown spots. Though the sun is not so much aggressive to visit during this autumn, however, UV rays attack throughout the year, so do not overlook the day creams that contain filters.
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Beauty Tips: For Eye Care

7:29 PM
Beauty Tips: For Eye Care

Beauty Tips: For Eye Care

The eye is fragile and sensitive area, with poor in sebaceous glands, which dehydrates quickly and requires Constant hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hence care should be taken for it and should be given much importance in daily routine.

Always remove makeup before your eyes morning and night before applying in small circular movements, special care moisturizer around the eyes. Make your star and wear sunglasses as soon as the first rays appear to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply your eye makeup hypoallergenic, clean your accessories, brushes etc once a week and change makeup things and accessories every six months.

Ask compresses soaked with cornflower water on your eyelids and lie about fifteen minutes before removing. You can also apply two tea bags soaked in hot water on your eyelids leave it until they have cooled and Do complete your beauty treatment with ice cubes wrapped in cloth on your eyes several times. 

The use of tea bags on the eyes is recommended to relieve swollen eyelids but also to prevent dark circles. Another beauty recipe to soothe the eyes is to boil a few sprigs of fresh parsley in a liter of mineral water, let cool and put compresses soaked in this mixture over the eyes for ten minutes.

If you do not have cornflower water, tea or fresh parsley at your disposal, you can put a few slices of fresh cucumber on your eyelids for ten minutes to deflate your eyes. And if you really have nothing on hand, go turn your eyes from the hot water and cold water, always ending with cold water to decongest puffy eyes and blushed. Also, if your eyes are a bit tired, you can put two teaspoons cold cotton on your eyelids for about fifteen minutes.

Mount 3 egg whites until stiff and add a small portion of lemon juice and 50 grams of coffee. Mix well until dough is smooth. Keep small cotton on the eyes and apply the mask around your dark circles. Leave half an hour and then rinse with running water and complete it with cold water.

Best beauty tip to fight against first wrinkles is to apply gentle circular movements with a little butter every night on lower eyelids. Upon awakening, the skin is smooth, like plumped, wrinkles are reduced. If you do not have butter, you can use instead of argon oil, borage oil, avocado oil or evening primrose oil.
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Colors of Your Outfit and Accessories

7:20 PM
Colors of Your Outfit and Accessories

Colors of Your Outfit and Accessories

Here are few tips to enhance your appearance by selecting the right color. During a meeting, you must inspire confidence, dynamism and professionalism; wear a gray or dark blue and white with a touch of red. Do not wear yellow or green that can be seen as colors of envy, jealousy, betrayal and manipulation in the public service and the trade and finance. 

Dark blue

Prefer a dark blue rather than black since black is a color to announce bad news. And do not disembark in a total look bright red, flashy yellow, orange sparkling, bright green or purple. If you do not want to destabilize your contacts use shades of yellow, orange or pink. Add these sparingly to business attire and better adapted to environments that appreciate originality as talent agencies, communication and fashion.

If you want to convey a message in your appointment with your staffs generally avoid very colorful dress or the dress that composed of more than four colors. Use the right color to reflect your personality, if you are using more color it may give negative impact.

Colors for festive meeting outfit

Glitter in silver, everything is allowed but still avoid looking like a Christmas tree, unless it’s Carnival or the style of the evening. Try to learn about the party where you need to go and adapt to the theme, for example, do not display all the colors of the rainbow in a VIP meet, where it is preferable to adopt a holding minimalist chic with one or two stylish accessories like a cover rather than a large handbag worthy of a travel bag etc.
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Beauty Tips: The Foundation

6:30 PM
Beauty Tips: The Foundation

Beauty Tips: The Foundation

The foundation is the basis of a successful makeup to enhance your skin. It is used to hide facial imperfections, even out in the skin tone and protect the skin, but it does not help to change the color of your skin – and it is getting old guaranteed! The foundation must be adapted to your skin tone, easy to apply and unsuspected for a natural result.

If you have dry skin – 
Choose a liquid foundation and moisturizer that best suits your skin type a powder foundation.

If you have combination skin – 
It depends! If there is little difference between the dry and the fat area, choose a foundation for normal to combination skin, fluid or solid, and matting. If there is a clear distinction between the dry and the fat area, use two foundations of the same color, one for dry skin and one for oily skin. 
There are foundations intelligent moisturize dry areas and absorbs excess sebum, depending on the needs of the skin, which are well suited for combination skin which distinguish between areas is very marked.

If you have oily skin – 
Adopt a foundation natural light, non-greasy, or matting powder coated to avoid shining face after a few hours.

if your face is having imperfections or excessive sebum – 
Turn to a foundation covering the uneven face, ideal for covering blemishes or edit the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) that tend to shine during the day.

If you have mature skin – 
Opt for a foundation that smoothes anti-aging skin, reduces wrinkles, protects the skin from external aggressions and prevents premature aging of the skin.

Test your foundation before buying. Do not test your foundation on the hand that does not have the same texture or the same color as your face. Try your foundation on the bottom of your cheek, near the jaw – 
The result should blend with the skin. Prefer a foundation close to your skin color, choose slightly lighter than your skin tone is better – in fact, the foundation tends to darken as it dries, so you may get a result too busy with color is not suitable. Apply a moisturizing base before your foundation for a uniform result. If you do not put a moisturizer under your foundation, forget the foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer that will give you good looks without drying your skin.
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Beauty Tips: Blush for Good Look

6:20 PM
Beauty Tips: Blush for Good Look

Beauty Tips: Blush for Good Look

Applying a perfect blush on the cheeks is an essential step makeup that provides structure and illuminates the face.

If you have pale, cool tones prefer pink.
If you have a tan, choose warm tones apricots.
If you have mature skin, selecting a paint color for your face with the creamy texture to bring light to the face and an anti-aging effect.
If you are Asian; Adopt natural colors like beige, peach, and pink if your skin is clear. And apply golden tones like coral, copper if your skin is dark. Escape the dark tones brown or too dapper orange, red.
If you have dark skin, opt for blushes in iridescent shades of orange, pink or red marks specialized for your skin type. Avoid blushes of dark and dull which does not give good look.

Your blush should be in harmony with your makeup: no pink blush if your lipstick is orange, and vice versa.

While doing Blush proper texture should be selected here are a few more tips: select a cream or powder which suits best.

Textures creams are easier to place accurately and to work correctly. They provide excellent light shine effect and a natural anti-aging. Textures of powders are recommended to make rendering diffuse, dull and sophisticated. They are not recommended for mature skin that dull, unless iridescent.

If you cannot choose, nothing prevents you to combine two textures, taking care to apply the cream until the texture suits you and then melt with a finger.
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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Beauty Tips: Clay Mask and How to apply Blush

10:25 PM
Beauty Tips: Clay Mask and How to apply Blush

Beauty Tips: Clay Mask and How to Apply Blush

Mask against Acne

In a container (any container made of any metal or plastic which do not readily react with oxygen), pour two tablespoons of Ultra-ventilated white clay and cover with mineral water up to cover the clay and let it stand intact for few minutes
apply the mask of green clay on the skin avoiding the eye contour and mouth. Leave it dry for 15-20 minutes rinsing thoroughly with warm water and then with cold water to tighten the pores. Be patient, it usually takes several weeks to see a significant improvement with even the possibility that the acne is worse before there are encouraging results. Apply twice a week maximum for better results. 

Clay Masks for dull skin

Take three tablespoons of prepared clay in a container to add a tablespoon of honey and one lemon juice with it. Mix it thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Apply a thick layer on the face avoiding the eye area. Leave it on the face for fifteen minutes and allow it to dry. Then wash your face with warm water. If your skin is very sensitive replace the lime juice with sandalwood for soothing and toning. For better results do it at least once a week. After a mask, it is advisable to moisturize the skin carefully adapted.

Beauty Tips: How to Apply Blush

For a healthy glow or soften facial features, smile and apply blush on the cheeks dominant stretching towards the temples. If you want to correct your face, use two blushes, one in shades of brown (natural beige for fair complexions, dark beige to brown complexions and tanned hides for black and mixed-race) to ask for the shadows and lines and restructure face, and the other in shades of pink and orange to bring a simple healthy glow blush.

To mitigate the cheeks, on your cheeks and apply a powder and proper eye shadow with a tint pulling brown in the hollow cheeks got to dig as well as jaw fading towards the neck structure features, and also put a little touch texture cream blush pink or orange on the top of the cheekbones to the temples stretching to catch the light and give good looks.

To mitigate a face too long, put a touch of blush brown pulling completely horizontal, under the cheekbone; from the wings of the nose to the ears then melt the result to keep the finger shadow created naturally. Also, apply this blush on top of the forehead at the hairline and the chin to provide shade and redefine the shape of your face by cutting the long end. After creating the shadow, then apply a bit of blush pink or orange on the cheeks for a healthy glow.
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Beauty Tips: Clay Scrub

10:08 PM
Beauty Tips: Clay Scrub

Beauty Tips: Clay Scrub

Clay scrub for Oily skin

In a container (any container made of any metal or plastic which do not readily react with oxygen) pour two tablespoons of green clay Ultra-ventilated and cover with slightly mineralized water to the height and to cover the clay. Allow it to stand for a few minutes. Then add a tablespoon of fine sugar, a tablespoon of hazelnut oil and three drops of grapefruit essential oil recommended for oily skin. Mix with fingertips and adjust the quantities if necessary to obtain a slurry or too thick nor too thin. 

Apply the exfoliating beauty treatment in light circular movements on the face by insisting on oily areas, usually the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and avoiding the eye contour. Rinse with warm water and dry the skin gently with a clean cloth. Beauty treatment should be done regularly to achieve maximum benefit for at least once a week.

Clay scrub for dry skin

In a container (any container made of any metal or plastic which do not readily react with oxygen), pour two tablespoons of Ultra-ventilated white clay and cover with mineral water up to cover the clay and let it stand intact for few minutes. Then add two tablespoons of almonds and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. 

Mix with fingertips and adjust the quantities if necessary to obtain slurry neither too thick nor too thin. Apply this paste on the face with gentle massage focusing on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and avoiding applying close to the eyes. Rinse with warm water and dry the skin gently with a clean cloth. Beauty treatment should be done regularly to achieve maximum benefit for at least once a week.

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