SG Infotech Marksheet Verification

Introduction to SG Infotech Verification Process

SG Infotech, a leading vocational training institute located in Simlaguri, Assam, offers a streamlined and secure method for students and employers to verify academic credentials online. This guide provides a detailed walk-through of the SG Infotech marksheet verification process, ensuring clarity and ease for users.

Step-by-Step Marksheet Verification

Accessing the Verification Portal

  • URL for Verification: SG Infotech Marksheet Verification
  • To begin the verification process, open the link provided above. This will direct you to the official marksheet verification page hosted by SG Infotech.

Submitting the Marksheet Details

  • Input Required: Marksheet Serial Number
  • Upon reaching the verification page, locate the input field labeled “Marksheet Serial Number.”
  • Enter the serial number associated with the marksheet you wish to verify.

Completing the Verification

  • Action: Click on the “Submit Query” Button
  • After entering the marksheet serial number, click the “Submit Query” button to initiate the verification process.
  • The system will process the input and display the verification status of the marksheet. If verified, the details of the marksheet will be shown.

Support and Assistance

Should any issues arise during the verification process, or if further information is needed, SG Infotech provides comprehensive support to assist users:


SG Infotech’s online marksheet verification system is a critical tool for ensuring the authenticity of educational credentials issued by the institution. By following the steps outlined in this guide, users can easily confirm the validity of marksheets, contributing to the overall integrity and reliability of academic documentation in a digital age.

For any further inquiries or detailed walkthroughs, SG Infotech remains committed to providing exceptional support to both its current students and alumni network.

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