Navigating the CGSWC Chemical Insecticide Inventory System

The Chhattisgarh State Warehousing Corporation (CGSWC) has implemented an advanced web-based Chemical Insecticide Inventory System designed to streamline the management and distribution of insecticides across the state. This system is pivotal for agricultural officers, extension workers, and other authorized personnel involved in the agricultural sector of Chhattisgarh.

Key Features of the Insecticide Inventory System

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

The CGSWC Insecticide Inventory System offers real-time tracking of insecticide stocks. Users can view up-to-the-minute information on inventory levels, ensuring they are well informed about the availability of necessary insecticides.

Order Management

Authorized users can place orders for new insecticides directly through the system. This feature simplifies the procurement process, allowing for a seamless flow from order placement to delivery. Each order’s progress can be tracked, providing transparency and up-to-date status reports to the users.

Detailed Product Information

The system provides exhaustive details about each insecticide, including its composition, intended pests, and recommended application methods. This information is crucial for ensuring the effective and safe use of insecticides within the state.

Access to Guidelines and Manuals

Users can download and consult various guidelines and manuals related to insecticide usage. These documents are essential for adhering to safety standards and achieving optimal results in pest management.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the CGSWC Insecticide Inventory System

Step 1: Access the System

Navigate to the CGSWC’s official website and locate the ‘Online System Links’ tab. Under this tab, select the ‘Chemical’ option to proceed to the insecticide inventory system.

Step 2: User Login

Enter your designated username and password in the login form. If you have forgotten your credentials, utilize the ‘Forgot Password’ link to reset them via your registered email.

Step 3: Managing Your Inventory

Once logged in, you can immediately view your current inventory levels. To order new supplies, select the desired insecticides, specify quantities, and submit your order. Each order can be tracked from placement to delivery, ensuring you are always informed of its status.

Step 4: Utilizing Resources

Access and download the necessary guidelines and manuals to ensure compliance with safety and usage standards. These resources are vital for maintaining efficacy and safety in insecticide application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who is eligible to use the CGSWC Insecticide Inventory System? Only authorized personnel who have been verified and approved by the CGSWC have access to the system.
  2. How do I request access to the system? Submit your details, including name, designation, and contact information to the CGSWC for access consideration.
  3. What can I find in the system? The system provides inventory levels, detailed product information, order tracking, and access to guidelines and manuals.


The CGSWC Chemical Insecticide Inventory System is a crucial tool for managing insecticide resources effectively in Chhattisgarh. By facilitating better inventory management and providing essential information and resources, it supports the agricultural sector’s needs comprehensively.

For additional support or information, contact the CGSWC helpdesk or visit the official website.


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