Accessing Your NCVTMIS CFI Mark Sheet Online

In an effort to streamline the process of obtaining educational credentials, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has facilitated a user-friendly online service through the National Council for Vocational Training Management Information System (NCVTMIS). This service enables students and professionals across India to access their Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS) mark sheets digitally. Our guide provides a detailed walkthrough of how to search and retrieve your CFI mark sheet online, ensuring you have the necessary information at your fingertips.

Accessing Your Mark Sheet Online

Step-by-Step Procedure to Retrieve Your CFI Mark Sheet

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience in obtaining your CFI mark sheet online, follow these comprehensive steps:

Step 1: Visit the Official NCVTMIS Portal

Step 2: Navigate to the CFI Section

  • Once on the NCVTMIS website, locate and click on the ‘CFI’ tab to proceed to the mark sheet retrieval section.

Step 3: Input Your Details

  • Enter your accurate registration number and the exam year. Ensure these details match those provided during your course registration to avoid any discrepancies.

Step 4: Submit Your Search

  • After entering your details, click the ‘Search’ button. Your CFI mark sheet will be displayed on the screen, provided the details are entered correctly.

FAQs Regarding NCVTMIS Mark Sheet Access

1. What if I Forgot My Password?

If you cannot remember your password, utilize the ‘Forgot Password’ feature on the login page. You will be required to answer security questions set during your initial registration. Once verified, the new password will be sent to your registered email address.

2. Account Locked Due to Invalid Attempts?

If your account is locked after multiple invalid login attempts, contact the NCVTMIS Help Desk to unlock your account. This security measure prevents unauthorized access to your information.

3. Not Able to See Business Unit After Login?

This usually indicates an issue with your login ID. Contact the Help Desk for verification and rectification. Accurate login ID entry is crucial for accessing the correct business unit and related services.

4. Need to Correct Personal Details on the Mark Sheet?

Corrections to personal details like name, trade, shift, or unit are managed through a formal request. Download the required template from the website, fill it out, and submit it to your State Directorate, which will process it upon approval from DGET.

5. How to Delete a Trainee Record?

Direct deletion of trainee records is not permitted. Like corrections, deletion requests must be submitted through the designated template to the State Directorate for approval and processing.


Accessing your CFI mark sheet online through the NCVTMIS portal is designed to be a straightforward process, providing a convenient way to manage your vocational training records. By following the outlined steps and utilizing the provided resources, you can efficiently retrieve and manage your educational documents, ensuring your vocational journey is well-documented and accessible anytime.

For further assistance or inquiries, the NCVTMIS Help Desk is available to provide support and answer any questions regarding the online services and processes.


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