Accessing Your BHEL Haridwar Payslip Online

Introduction to BHEL Haridwar’s Online Services

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) Haridwar is a pivotal unit of the BHEL group, known for its substantial contribution to India’s industrial landscape. Not only does it facilitate manufacturing of heavy electrical equipment but also provides a streamlined digital facility for its employees to access payroll information. This guide details a systematic approach to access your payslip online through the BHEL Haridwar portal.

Access Your Payslip: Step-by-Step Procedure

Step 1: Navigate to the BHEL Portal

Begin by visiting the official BHEL Haridwar website. Use the direct link BHEL Haridwar Portal to reach the homepage.

Step 2: Employee Authentication

  • Login ID Entry: On the portal, locate and enter your unique Login ID in the designated field.
  • Security Check: Complete the captcha challenge to verify your credentials and enhance security.

Step 3: Secure OTP Verification

  • OTP Generation: Click on the “Send OTP” button to receive a one-time password on your registered mobile number.
  • OTP Submission: Enter the received OTP in the required field to proceed.

Step 4: Access and View Payslip

After successful OTP verification, click on the “Submit” button. You will be directed to your account dashboard where you can:

  • View Current Payslip: Automatically displayed upon login.
  • Select Past Payslips: Choose from a dropdown menu to view historical payslip data.

Key Features of BHEL Haridwar’s Employee Services

BHEL Haridwar’s online portal is not merely a tool for payroll management but a comprehensive suite that enhances employee engagement through various features:

  • User-friendly Interface: Designed for ease of access and navigation.
  • High-Security Standards: Ensures data privacy and protection against unauthorized access.
  • Complete Payroll Access: From current earnings to historical payroll data, all information is readily available.

Additional Resources and Support

For any technical difficulties or inquiries regarding the payslip viewing process, BHEL Haridwar’s dedicated human resources team is available to assist you. Here are a few ways you can reach out for support:

  • Contact HR Department: Directly reach out to the HR team for personalized assistance.
  • FAQ Section: Visit the FAQ section on the BHEL website for answers to common queries.


BHEL Haridwar’s online payslip facility exemplifies the company’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhancing employee convenience and operational efficiency. By following the outlined steps, employees can securely access their financial details, reflecting BHEL’s dedication to transparency and employee satisfaction. For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact the HR department or refer to the detailed FAQ section on the official website.


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