Top 20 signs that your employer is toxic, get out of there ASAP

As much as there are very nice club managers like the best bosses in the world and the most generous bosses (yes, I clearly tried to use all the synonyms of boss to entertain you). As much as there are also bosses who abuse phew and whose behavior reveals that they are atrocious beings to be wary of. They often hide among us, so here are the tricks to unmask them. Open your eyes.

1. He makes you do tasks that are useless or not related to your work

Like calling his dentist to make an appointment for his descaling or cleaning his tire tracks in the toilet. Whereas you are basically an IT consultant.

2. He only gives you negative feedback on your work (and on your life)

“Mathilde, your presentation was incomplete and not precise enough, and I hated the way you ate your sandwich this afternoon. »

3. He asks you for impossible deadlines and blames you for not being fast enough

And sometimes, when the mood takes him, he comes to your office to time you to see how long you take to answer your emails.

4. He doesn’t care about your well-being at work

He wakes you up in the middle of your micro-nap every lunchtime and has burned all the cushions in the office so that no one relieves his back pain. So disrespectful.

5. He doesn’t behave with everyone the same way

One day, he gave candies to your child who came to visit you at work, while he gave you a warning. Abused what.

6. He appropriates the work of others

Last time, he said he was the one who made the 19-story house of cards. When it was you fucking!!!

7. He has a Parisian attitude

He never answers your hellos, cuts you off all the time and repeats every three seconds with a sigh that he can’t wait for the weekend to be able to breathe some fresh air in the countryside. There are warning signs that do not deceive, flee!

8. He responds to your emails passive-aggressively.

“Hélène, unless I am mistaken, you did not send the q+1 report to the team. I cc’d your manager so she can follow up on your progress. Fix that, asap. »

9. He calls you “The new” when you’ve been on a permanent contract in the club for 4 years

Once, he even asked you when did you finish your internship. Vexing.

10. He gives you check-ups every week for an hour where he just looks at you without speaking.

Sometimes he frowns and licks his lips. But without any noise.

11. He refuses to pay a seminar on the Italian coast to the whole box

Frankly, to death the bosses!

12. He set up a rumor box in the company

He placed the first rumor in the urn by looking you straight in the eye and saying “Rémy, this one is for you”.

13. When you go to a meeting, he looks at you, doesn’t answer and says “anyone have any ideas?”

Once, you even said “Me!” and he replied “Nobody?” Really ? “.

14. He told you that you looked tired this morning

As you returned from the Pentecost weekend.

15. He makes jokes about your potential dismissal.

And you have to laugh because otherwise he’s really going to demote you.

16. He didn’t buy you a cake for your birthday.

On the other hand, he gave you a box of wet Petits Lu the day you divorced.

17. He often pranks you on removing the chair just before you sit down.

Since your recruitment, you have a loyalty card with your osteopath and you regularly hear from his nieces.

18. He didn’t say thank you when you held the door for him when you came out of the bathroom.

By the way, he wiped his hands on your shirt.

19. He put crushed glass in the chouquettes he brought you this morning

He also sketched a little smirk when you said loud and clear “Hum, cha crouchtille”.

20. It is made up of lead and cyanide

Never seen someone so toxic, it’s time to pack your bags and fly to a new job.

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