Top 20 names that are disappearing (we must save them)

Are you about to become parents, and are you looking for a first name for your child? Do you want it vintage and original? STAY STILL, WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! Here is a top list of endangered first names. Something to help you while saving neglected first names… It’s beautiful, what we’re doing.

Female names

1. Veronica

How many new Véroniques in 2021? 9. It doesn’t sound like much, though.

Apotheosis of the first name : in 1963, there were more than 16,200 small Véro!

Vero average age : 74 years old. Mature people, no doubt!

Even if it is largely more worn by women, Véronique is actually a mixed name!

2. Sylvia

How many new Sylvies in 2021? 10, not far ahead of Vero!

Apotheosis of the first name : 1964, with 27,554 births.

Average age of Sylvie : 62 years old. Come on, courage, retirement is coming! Big wave of recruitment to be expected.

3. Christiane

How many new Christiane in 2021? 7, as many Christiane in 2021 as days in a week. We wish them to have the character of a Friday evening rather than a Monday morning…

Apotheosis of the first name : 1947, 11,865 births.

Christiane’s average age : 74 years old. Nice score.

4. Valerie

How many new Valéries in 2021? 14. As many Valerie as days in two weeks. Yeah, I’m pretty limited in terms of comparisons.

Apotheosis of the first name : 1969, 22,561 births. That’s more Valoches than people in my little town of birth. Good game !

Average age of Valérie : 59 years old. The age of our daronnes.

5. Annie

How many new Annie in 2021? 22. So Annie is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafulfulaablyably that lead to it to be taken for that matter. Champion.

Apotheosis of the first name : 1947, with 11,485 babies so named.

Average age of Annie : 65 years. It’s time to have a good little retirement crisis (does it exist, does it?) and to drop everything to travel the world in a motorhome. GO ANNIE.

6. Christine

How many new Christines in 2021? 13. It’s already too much.

Apotheosis of the first name : 1963, with 16,115 tiny Christines.

Average age of Christine : 55 years. Sorry Christine, but I would have said more.

7. Sandrine

How many new Sandrines in 2021? 7. As much Sandrine as Christiane. We just have to hope that they aren’t twins, otherwise… It’s starting to be complicated on the announcements, what.

Apotheosis of the first name : 1971, 20,848 births. Own.

Sandrine’s average age : 43 years. THAT’S ALL ???

8. Monica

How many new Monique in 2021? 4. Hard, but justified.

Apotheosis of the first name : 1946, with 16,897 small Momo!

Average age of Monique : 75 years old. Once again, it’s done. Monique, 75 years old, active retiree, loves knitting and belote games with friends, personally… It doesn’t shock me!

9. Françoise

How many new Françoises in 2021? 4. Just like Monique!

Apotheosis of the first name : 1949 with 15,258 births.

Average age of Françoise : 66 years old. I have 0 valve to do. Sorry. Lack of inspiration.

10. Laurence

How many new Laurences in 2021? 5. Like, there’s only one more Laurence than Monique, and that doesn’t shock anyone? There’s more Christiane than Laurence, and THAT ONLY SHOCKS ME???

Apotheosis of the first name : 1966, 11,785 births.

Laurence’s average age : 64 years old. BUT WHAT ? We agree that Laurence, that’s a lot more mom of 3 teenagers, than grandma, right?

Male first names

11. Hervé

How many new Hervés in 2021? 10. All round.

Apotheosis of the first name : 1967, 7,026 births. Yeah… We’re not on a huge performance either, sorry.

Average age of the Hervés : 56 years old. Hervé is a person still in active life. I can easily imagine him with a bald head or a little pronounced baldness, and you?

12. Didier

How many new Didiers in 2021? 3. Ouch. Hard blow for Didou!

Apotheosis of the first name : 1958, with 13,724 births. The year of good taste, without a doubt.

Average age of the Hervés : 56 years old, like his friend Hervé!

13. Gilles

How many new Gilles in 2021? 12. As many Gilles as there are months in the year (ah, it’s been a long time since we’ve used a time comparison, I was starting to feel bad).

Apotheosis of the first name : 1959, with 7,527 Gilles babies. Here too, we are not on the most waw score in history.

Average age of Gilles : 56 years old. Good… Is it a joke or what? They are all the same age, the endangered first names, right??

Picture credits: Topito

14. Pascal

How many new Pascals in 2021? 14. I didn’t expect to find many, but there, all the same… 14, that’s very few.

Apotheosis of the first name : 1962 with 21,258 births. A fine score, which you have nothing to be ashamed of, gentlemen.

Pascal’s average age : …. Are they kidding me or what? 56 years old. It’s not a joke.

15. Gérard

How many new Gérards in 2021? 5 little Gege!

Apotheosis of the first name : 1949, 20,012 births. It’s way too much. Let’s be honest.

Gerard’s average age : Byyyyye the team 56 years old, the Gérards are on average… 70 years old. Right on the border between moderate old age and arch-old age.

16. Jerome

How many new Jeromes in 2021? 12! As many jeromes as eggs in two half-dozen eggs. I never understood this thing, by the way. Why count “in half-dozens”. It’s less tricky to say “6” and “12”, isn’t it?

Apotheosis of the first name : 1974 with 14,759 births. Not bad not bad.

Average age of Jerome : 43 years. It’s almost sad to be so young and to see his first name already disappear. Courage Jéjé, we are here.

17. Yves

How many new Yves in 2021? 16. 16 little ones who are going to wait “Yves’à bien c’lui ci ?? ” all day. Courage. Your parents have no heart.

Apotheosis of the first name : 1947 with 6,420 births. Really nothing to be proud of, sorry.

Average age of Yves : 66 years old. Well done, that’s twice as much as Jesus Christ.

18. Christophe

How many new Christophes in 2021? 28. On the scale of France, it’s nothing. But on the scale of this top, it’s… WAW. WELL DONE.

Apotheosis of the first name : 1969, 22,640 births. Champions.

Average age of Christophe : 48 years old. Here I am reassured. Gentlemen, ladies, as much as I’m ok with the names Gérard and Christine disappearing forever, but Christophe… That’s fine, isn’t it?

19. Sylvain


Apotheosis of the first name : 1980, 4,759 births. Oh yeah, no.. There, on the other hand… It sucks, Sylvain. None, none, none.

Average age of Christophe : 44 years. Bg.

20. Bernard

How many new Christophes in 2021? 10. Like the fingers of the hand.

Apotheosis of the first name : 1947, 19 827 Bernard.

Average age of Christophe : 69 years old. Look Bernard. Do you see it, osteoarthritis, slowly approaching you?

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