Top 10 proofs that OL are the best club in Europe

Attention we are talking about women and not men so calm down. Wendy Renard’s OL beat PSG last Sunday at home to the Parc des Princes and qualified for the 10th time in their history in the Champions League final.

With a record attendance for women’s football (43,000 spectators), we can legitimately say that OL have become one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Take it easy guys.

1. OL is 10 Champions League finals…

Let’s start with the most important: the Champions League, because you will have understood that the Lyonnaises are not small players in this area.

10 Champions League finals in a competition in which they have participated since the 2007-2008 season, I think you will agree that it is not disgusting, and it is moreover the only club in have done.

2. …and 15 consecutive appearances

That’s a lot, and few (if any) other European clubs can say the same. The Women’s Champions League is quite young since it has only existed since 2001, but since its creation, it must be said that the Lyonnaise have been able to take the lead and have very rarely conceded their place to other clubs. 15 consecutive participations and as we have just said, 10 finals: they clearly do not participate to make up the numbers.

3. Out of 10 finals, they won 7

7 titles of European champions, the Lyonnaises are the most successful in the history of the competition, it would become almost boring as the women led by Wendie Renard win everything in their path. In a few years, they may be able to boast of a European record as extensive as that of Real in men.

4. It is the only club to have won the competition 5 times in a row

So there, they were strong, in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, the Lyonnaises did not experience defeat.

I could stop there because with these first four points we understand that they clearly dominate Europe, but we are going to continue a little for fun anyway (maybe I will manage to convince you to follow the women’s football).

5. Because there is Wendie Renard, the captain of Europe, in their team

Yes captain of Europe, and even that is an understatement. This Sunday against PSG (April 24), she became the first woman to reach the milestone of 100 appearances in the Champions League. We see her too much, we can’t take it anymore, leave your place a little Wendie.

6. It’s also thanks to the deputy mayor of Lyon, who believed in the women’s team

You can imagine it, but for a team to win so many titles, it takes money, a lot of money. Whether it’s for recruitment, infrastructure, partners… you have to invest to hope for good returns (so far nothing crazy), and unfortunately most clubs only invest in their men’s team. This was not the case in Lyon, we owe this vision of things in part to Thierry Braillard, deputy mayor of Lyon who declared “we want to see women playing football”. Well you’re right Titi, after some negotiations with the presidents of the club, he managed to impose his ideas and in 2004 Jean-Michel Aulas, already owner of the men’s part, bought the women’s part. We can criticize it (rightly) but with Aulas, the European project was launched.

7. The club has been able to recruit international stars

Aulas did not do things by halves as usual and wanted to recruit the biggest international stars, by putting the means into it. Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Ada Hegerberg… women who are currently at OL or who have been there, and who are big names in women’s football. Both Rapinoe and Hergerberg won a Ballon d’Or. In short, Aulas understood that it was necessary to surround itself with the best and it did it well.

8. But Lyon is also a talent trainer

And why not go local too? The training center of Lyonnaises and one of the most famous in Europe and the big names of the French team like Wendie Renard, Amandine Henry, Eugénie Le Sommer or Sarah Bouhaddi have all passed through Lyon. Lyon quickly became the reference in France, it commands respect.

9. For the first time in their history, it is a woman who trains the Lyonnaises

What is sad is that even in women’s football, it is the men who occupy the most positions of leaders and coaches. After three seasons spent with Jean-Luc Vasseur, with whom the Lyonnaises won two European titles, the club decided to trust Sonia Bompastor, who in April 2021 became the first woman to hold this position. Well seen Lyon, you are really woke.

10. They never disappoint us (and that changes a little from what we usually know)

We have been following PSG on its European journey for 10 years, and for 10 years, we have been disappointed. OM, let’s not talk about it, they haven’t done anything at European level for a while now, in short, France isn’t dominating and that really pisses us off. So instead of crying with the men, take a little look at the women’s side to cheer you up, you’ll have a much better chance of seeing a French team win (yes, I’m the kind of person who sees half the glass full).

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