Top 10 most outrageous ads of 2022

The world of advertising is full of mysteries. We often wonder “But who had this shitty idea? », “How much did they start to think such a thing? », “Is there really someone who validated that? », “They pay a lot to produce this? » and a whole bunch of other ultra kind and benevolent questions like that. Okkkk, it’s not very nice, but frankly… Some people abuse it! The proof, with these nuggets, all broadcast over the year 2022. Are you ready? Bah will have to wait, because the top… It’s just after this short page of advertising! (Wrong. I think I’m Nikos sometimes, but I’m not really a TV presenter. Well… Not yet. One day. Maybe. Anyway, I’ll keep you really well in suspense. Take some the seed, Naguy!)

1. The sexist advertisement of the Halle O Discount supermarket in Lognes

After promoting the Fifa video game “for men”, the supermarket thought it was in good taste to promote a cushion, specifying “Some were not spoiled by this chance, so we offer you your little pleasure. Ladies, a cushion at 3 euros each, kill two birds with one stone […] very beautiful on the sofa or on the bed, but also very useful if you kneel down. » … Words fail me.

2. Balenciaga, apology for bad taste

In addition to their “creations”, each crazier than the next, the brand caused controversy at the end of November 2022 with an ad… How can I put it… Disturbing? It simply depicted children holding stuffed animals dressed in clothes inspired by sadomasochism. Great. The brand was immediately accused of advocating child pornography on social networks.


3. The lack of tact of Camaïeu, to advocate associations against violence against women

It started with a good intention, but… It was rather very clumsy. In January 2022, the brand (which has since filed for bankruptcy) made up its models so that they appeared to have bruised faces. Inevitably, it disturbed, and the brand was accused of “purplewashing”: of using the cause of violence against women to sell.


4. Burger King, the failed awareness attempt

Normally, Burger King are communication pros. Normally. In November 2022, in order to make its customers aware of school bullying, the fast food restaurant sent hateful messages to all customers with the application. For no reason, they received “You suck”, “you’re ugly”, “you’re useless” on their smartphone. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that another text explained “You have just experienced what thousands of children who are victims of bullying experience every day”. Should we tell you why this is particularly awkward? Imagine for a second that several of the recipients already have difficulties in this regard… Imagine…

“You suck”, “you’re ugly”, “you’re useless”… So many messages that were sent to the smartphones of the channel’s aficionados.

Posted by Le Figaro on Thursday, November 10, 2022

5. A bit racist, this ad to become an auxiliary of life, right?

In the middle of the poster, in bold and large font, “Become Fatima”. Yeah, not phew, huh? When we know that the French colonists nicknamed their servants “Fatma”, and more generally, the Algerian women. Yeah. No. It does not go through.

6. Samsung, disconnected from reality

In March, to promote the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Buds 2, the Korean giant staged a woman jogging alone at night in the streets of London. A “lack of discernment” according to viewers, who denounced a lack of reality. It must be said that running at night, alone, for a woman, is unfortunately often a vector of anxiety. The brand has apologized for this ad “far from reflecting the reality of women”.

7. The awkward publicity of the diocese of Poitiers

“Let yourself be touched”…. By grace, huh.

8. Environmentally Friendly Candy Crush

On November 3, 2022, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the game, the creators saw big. Very large. Too big. They simply took off 500 drones over the Hudson River (between New York and New Jersey) to perform a giant advertising choreography, visible to thousands of people. It was very pretty (though…), but above all problematic for the animal cause. In addition to light pollution, this type of event can have dramatic consequences on the flight of birds and their migration. Then, maybe we’ll calm down, huh. Candy crush, it’s nice, but it’s not a national event either!

9. Free-wheeling Béthune Christmas market

Do we really need to paint a picture of a half-naked girl to promote hot chocolate? Not sure.

10. Liddl, who subtly uses English (no)

Ok, we’re cheating a bit. It’s not really an advertising campaign, but a recruitment campaign. In any case, the discount supermarket chain wanted to include “djeuns” in its internship offer, aimed at recruiting young people in Belgian stores. To achieve this, they chose to speak Franglais using the British version of the word “intern”. How do you say “trainee” in English? ” Streak “. Which give : “Launch your career as a trainee”. Do you see the problem?

An internship offer from Lidl, aimed at recruiting young people to work in the brand’s French stores, has sparked a huge controversy on social networks, as well as many taunts.

Posted by Capital on Saturday, August 20, 2022

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