The Craziest, Most Cardi B Things Cardi B Has Ever Said

Cardi B baby number 2. Lets Be Honest About “Crazy Delivery”

Cardi B She has her own special way with words.

Over the years, the music star has become as famous for his hits as he is for his unique vernacular. does okuuuurrrro ring the bell? Absolutely our point.

With a slate of catch phrases, the 29-year-old hitmaker has developed a language of her own and isn’t afraid to speak her mind with it. As she begins a sentence, “You want to know something?” we Would like to know for sure. normal result? Some whimsical, at times shocking and certainly amusing sound bites in Hollywood.

And, luckily for fans, she’s hosting the 2021 American Music Awards on November 21st—a night we can guarantee will be filled with OMG moments and hilarious jokes from the “WAP” rapper. So, in preparation for the annual awards show airing on ABC, let’s take a look at the most Cardi B things Cardi B has ever said.


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