SELF System for Streamlined Fuel Management in Kerala

Introduction to SELF: Revolutionizing Fuel Management for Fisheries

The SELF (System for Easy & Legal Issuance of Fuel Permit & Fuel) system is a groundbreaking workflow-based integration designed specifically to enhance the efficiency of fuel distribution within the fisheries sector of Kerala. By connecting with ReALCRAFt, FIMS, and SAGARA systems, SELF ensures a seamless process for the issuance of fuel permits and the distribution of fuel to authorized recipients. This comprehensive guide aims to explore the intricacies and functionalities of the SELF system, providing a deep dive into how it fundamentally transforms fuel management in the region.

Objectives of the SELF System

Enhancing Bunk Management and Fuel Distribution

SELF introduces an online platform termed e-Bunk, tailored to optimize the management of bunk activities and fuel distribution across Kerala’s marine districts. The e-Bunk platform serves as a central hub, bringing together all fuel bunks under a unified management system. This integration aims to streamline operations, ensuring that fuel distribution is both efficient and timely.

Direct Benefit Transfer and Transparency

A pivotal feature of SELF is its implementation of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) for fuel subsidies. This system not only ensures that subsidies reach the right fishermen without delays but also enhances transparency in subsidy transactions. By eliminating unnecessary intermediaries in the fuel procurement process, SELF minimizes the potential for pilferage and fraud.

Automated Systems for Accurate Subsidy Disbursal

The SELF system incorporates automated mechanisms to verify joint eligibility and ensure that fishing vessels meet specific dimensional criteria. This automation supports the government’s efforts in subsidy accounting and future budget planning, fostering a more organized and predictable financial management framework.

How the SELF System Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

Registration and Permit Issuance

To begin utilizing the SELF system, registered vessel owners must first obtain their e-Fuel Permit Card. This card is essential for accessing the fuel subsidies and participating in the fuel distribution network managed by Matsyafed.

Step-by-Step Registration

  1. Access the SELF Portal: Visit SELF Kerala and select the “Login” option.
  2. Enter Credentials: Use your e-Fuel Permit Card number as your username and the password you have set up.
  3. Dashboard Access: Once logged in, users can manage their fuel quotas, view transaction history, and apply for new permits.

Managing Fuel Sales and Bunk Operations

For fuel bunk operators, managing daily operations is streamlined through the e-Bunk application.

Daily Operations Workflow

  1. Morning Shift Start:
    • Select the shift start time and enter initial tank and nozzle readings to record the beginning inventory levels.
  2. Fuel Sales Process:
    • Process fuel sales by entering the permit number and the amount of fuel dispensed. Ensure all transactions are logged for accurate record-keeping.
  3. End of Shift Reporting:
    • At shift end, re-enter tank and nozzle readings to calculate daily sales and inventory usage.

Generating Reports for Oversight and Compliance

The SELF system provides comprehensive reporting tools that allow operators to generate detailed sales and inventory reports. These can be used for both internal management and compliance with regulatory requirements.

flowchart LR
A[Start of Shift] --> B[Fuel Sales]
B --> C[End of Shift]
C --> D[Generate Reports]

Frequently Asked Questions About SELF

What are the benefits of using the SELF system?

SELF ensures a highly transparent, efficient, and secure method of fuel distribution and subsidy management. It reduces the risk of fraud and enhances the accuracy of subsidy distribution.

Who can use the SELF system?

The SELF system is designed for use by registered vessel owners and authorized fuel bunk operators in Kerala. Each user group has specific functionalities tailored to their roles within the fuel management and distribution chain.


The SELF system represents a significant technological advancement in the management of fuel resources within Kerala’s fisheries sector. By automating and streamlining critical processes, it not only ensures the efficient distribution of resources but also supports the economic stability of the fishing community. With its robust framework and user-friendly interface, SELF is set to transform fuel management practices, making them more transparent, accountable, and efficient.


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