SEBA Assam HSLC/AHM Examination Services

SEBA Assam HSLC/AHM Examination Services: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to SEBA’s Online Services

In the digital era, the Assam Board of Secondary Education (SEBA) has embraced technology to offer streamlined and user-friendly services to students. With a commitment to enhancing the examination experience, SEBA provides an essential service for HSLC (High School Leaving Certificate) and AHM (Assamese High Madrassa) candidates: the option for Rechecking and obtaining Photocopies of Answer Scripts. This initiative ensures transparency and fairness in the evaluation process, reinforcing SEBA’s dedication to student satisfaction and academic integrity.

Navigating the Application Process

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for Rechecking and Photocopies

Applying for rechecking and/or photocopies of answer scripts is a straightforward process designed to accommodate the needs of every student. Here’s a detailed walkthrough:

  1. Initiate Application: Begin by entering your Roll and Number from the HSLC/AHM Examination on the official SEBA services website.
  2. Service Selection: Choose between two services—either Rechecking with Photocopy or Rechecking alone, depending on your requirements.
  3. Subject Selection: Clearly indicate the subjects for which you seek the service, ensuring no errors for accurate processing.
  4. Document Upload: Upload a scanned copy of your Marks Sheet in the prescribed formats (.jpeg, .jpg, or .png) with a file size limit of 2MB.
  5. Contact Information: Provide your contact details in the designated space to facilitate communication regarding your application.
  6. Review Your Application: Before proceeding, review all entered information for accuracy. It’s crucial as SEBA will not process applications with incorrect data.
  7. Payment: Click on “CONFIRM AND PAY ONLINE” to proceed to the payment page, where you can finalize your application with the necessary payment details.
  8. Confirmation: Upon successful payment, you’ll receive an Application Receipt Number (ARN) via SMS. This number is vital for future reference and status checks.

Collection Process for Photocopies

Photocopies of answer scripts can be collected from the SEBA office in Bamunimaidam, Guwahati-781021. It’s important to bring the original Marks Sheet/Admit Card when collecting the documents to verify your identity.

Documents and Fees

Preparation is Key: Ensure you have the following documents and information ready before starting the application process:

  • Scanned copy of the Marks Sheet (HSLC/AHM Examination).
  • ROLL & NO. of the examination.
  • Payment details for online transaction.
  • An active email ID for correspondence.
  • Applicant’s mobile number.

Fees Structure: The fee for obtaining a Rechecking & Photocopy of an answer script is Rs. 550 per subject, while the fee for Rechecking alone is Rs. 350 per subject.

About SEBA

The Assam Board of Secondary Education was established under the Assam Secondary Education Act, 1961, with the aim of regulating, supervising, and developing Secondary Education in the State of Assam. Since its inception, SEBA has been pivotal in shaping the educational landscape of Assam, adhering to principles of fairness, transparency, and academic excellence. Initially overseeing a vast geographical area, SEBA now focuses solely on the state of Assam, continually adapting to the evolving educational needs of its students.


SEBA’s introduction of online services for HSLC/AHM examination candidates reflects its commitment to leveraging technology for educational advancement. By providing a transparent and efficient process for rechecking and obtaining photocopies of answer scripts, SEBA ensures that students have the necessary resources to achieve their academic goals. This guide aims to assist students in navigating the application process seamlessly, highlighting SEBA’s dedication to academic integrity and excellence.

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