Navigating Delhi Police Application Tracking and Retainer Guard Documentation

Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Delhi Police Application Tracking and Retainer Guard Documentation


In today’s digital era, the ability to track important applications online, such as those involving the Delhi Police, is crucial for timely updates and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. This article provides a detailed walkthrough for tracking application statuses with the Delhi Police and outlines the documentation process for retainers, including bank guards, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

How to Track Your Delhi Police Application Status Online

Tracking the status of your application with the Delhi Police is straightforward and can be completed with just a few steps:

Accessing the Application Status

  1. Navigate to the Delhi Police Licensing Portal: Start by visiting the Delhi Police official licensing website.
  2. Login to Your Account: Enter your Login ID and Password in the designated fields. If you registered after May 5, 2016, your login credentials would have been sent to your registered email address.
  3. Submit Your Information: After logging in, navigate to the application status section and click the ‘Submit’ button to view your application status.

Possible Statuses and Their Meanings

  • Application Received: Delhi Police has acknowledged receipt of your application.
  • Application Under Process: Your application is currently being reviewed.
  • Application Approved: Your application has been successfully approved.
  • Application Rejected: There are issues with your application that led to its rejection.
  • Application Pending: Additional information or actions may be required to proceed.

Documentation Requirements for Retainer Guards

For individuals and institutions looking to appoint retainer guards, comprehensive documentation is essential. Here’s what you need to know:

Individual Retainers

  • Consent Forms: Obtain consent from the main licensee and, if applicable, the retainer.
  • Residential Proof: Submit two self-attested photocopies of proof of residence, such as utility bills or identification documents.
  • Additional Documents: If required, provide proof of agricultural activities or any potential threats to family safety.

Bank Guards and Institutional Retainers

  • Application Form: Complete the application form for bank guard retainers, available for download on the Delhi Police licensing website.
  • Photographs: Attach three self-attested passport-size photographs, one of which should be affixed to the application form.
  • Proof of Residence and Identification: Include self-attested photocopies of recent bills, tax returns, and a copy of the bank’s license.
  • Bank Request Letter: A letter from the bank requesting the addition of a retainer guard is necessary.

Submission Process

Applications, along with the required documents, should be submitted at the Licensing Unit during public dealing hours. Forms can be downloaded from the Delhi Police website or obtained directly from the Licensing Unit.

Enhancing Team Efficiency and Community Engagement at Delhi Police

Our Team Ethos

At the Licensing Unit, we value each team member, fostering a culture where teamwork and individual contributions drive our success. Our commitment to democratic processes and decentralized decision-making allows us to adapt and respond effectively to the community’s needs.

Community Policing Initiatives

Our approach to community policing involves collaboration with residents to enhance safety and prevent crime, reflecting our philosophy that effective policing extends beyond enforcement to include community partnership.


Whether you’re tracking an application status or gathering necessary documents for a retainer guard, understanding these processes is essential for compliance and peace of mind. By following the detailed steps and preparing the required documentation as outlined above, individuals and institutions can navigate these procedures with confidence.

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