How to get GST Provisional ID and Password in Assam

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) system in India has streamlined the taxation mechanism by consolidating multiple taxes into a single tax regime. For businesses in Assam, obtaining a GST Provisional ID and Password is a critical step for compliance. This guide provides a detailed walkthrough of the processes involved in securing these credentials through both unit offices and the Department portal of Assam.

Obtaining GST ID from Unit Offices

Step-by-Step Process

To facilitate the dealers who have not yet enrolled under e-services, the Commissioner of Taxes in Assam has outlined a straightforward method to acquire a GST provisional user ID and password. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Initial Login:
    • The ACT (Assistant Commissioner of Taxes) or ST (State Taxes) officer logs in using their official UserID and password at the designated portal.
  2. Accessing the Provisional ID Section:
    • Upon successful login, navigate to the “GST Provisional ID and Password” section.
  3. Entering Dealer Information:
    • The officer must enter the dealer’s details such as Firm name, Registration Number, PAN number of the firm, the applicant’s name, and a valid mobile number.
  4. Retrieval of Credentials:
    • Click on “Retrieve GST provisional ID and password”. The system will then display the provisional ID and password.
  5. Confirmation:
    • These details are also sent via SMS to the dealer’s registered mobile number, ensuring that the dealer has immediate access to their provisional credentials.

Acquiring GST ID from the Department Portal

Accessing the e-Services

For dealers preferring to initiate the process themselves, the Assam Tax Department’s portal offers an electronic method:

  1. Portal Login:
  2. User Authentication:
    • Use your UserID and password to log in. First-time users will need to register by selecting “NEW USER LOGIN”.
  3. Provisional ID Generation:
    • After logging in, click on the “GST Provisional ID/Password” link to generate your provisional credentials.
  4. Redirection for GST Updates:
    • Once the GST ID and password are noted, click on “Click here to redirect to GST portal for updating GST related information”.

Important Considerations

  • Enrolment Closure:
    • Be aware of the GST enrolment timeline. The process will be unavailable from January 10th until January 17th, annually.
  • Restart of Enrolment:
    • Post-closure, the enrolment will resume on January 17th and will remain open until January 31st.
  • Final Closure:
    • After January 31st, the enrolment window will close for the year across all states.


For business owners in Assam, obtaining a GST provisional ID and password is a pivotal requirement for GST compliance. By following the detailed steps outlined for both the unit offices and the Department portal, dealers can ensure they are registered correctly and can manage their tax obligations effectively. Always check for the latest updates on the portal to avoid missing critical deadlines during the enrolment period.

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