Dilip Kumar’s story will increase the passion to do something.

The story of Dilip Kumar from Delhi can be very inspiring for you. You will learn a lot from his story and also gain the passion to do something. When Dilip Kumar was two years old, his mother died. He had six brothers and sisters, and his father was the only earning member of the family, so there was always a shortage of money in the house. Dilip has seen poverty, due to which he always had the passion to become something.

Pressure to earn at the age of 18.

Dilip Kumar studied in government schools since childhood. He was very good at studying. But as soon as he turned 18, the pressure to get a job started increasing. Because he had six brothers and sisters, he was not able to run the house with his earnings, and Dilip now had to do a job. He started preparing for a government job with self-study in Delhi. Dilip’s only goal was to crack the government job at any cost. He worked very hard for this. He also cracked many exams and got a good job. Now, he started feeling that his life was going very well, and he would not face any problems.

Life never goes smoothly.

Dilip has worked very hard since childhood and has tried his best to achieve success. He also had success and was able to get a government job. But Dilip says that life never runs smoothly. Many big problems arise in it, and only after that are you able to live your life. Something similar happened with Dilip, too. One day, suddenly, Dilip started having pain in his wrist. He ignored it in the initial days. But this pain started increasing very fast. He could not understand what to do next. After this, Dilip met the doctor, and it took about 3 to 4 months for the diagnosis. When the report came, he was stunned. He had cancer in his hand. It was such a rare cancer that an AIIMS report revealed that only 11 people in the whole of India suffer from it. There is also a dip in it.

Dilip Kumar

The doctor said the hand would not be saved. After reports and treatment, Dilip came to know that his right hand would not be saved. It would be removed from the body by cutting it, and only then would Dilip be able to recover. After this, Dilip could not understand what he would do. He gathered courage and got himself treated.

The mental trauma lasted for some time.

When Dilip underwent the operation, he could not understand how he would survive without his right hand. After this, he also had to go through mental trauma. Because it was very difficult for Dilip to accept this. He was not able to survive this thing. There, he came to know that he was also going to undergo chemotherapy. At the same time, it will be more painful than usual. Now, Dilip was preparing himself for this, and he took the help of yoga, diet, and meditation. He healed himself with positivity. Dilip’s willpower became very strong in all these things, due to which he recovered very quickly.

Left-hand-made weapon.

Dilip had to fight the battle ahead with the help of his left hand. For this, he had become very weak. When he went to the office, he was not even able to sign with his left hand. This had a deep impact on him. After this, Dilip decided that he would make his left hand his weapon and win the war with its help. Dilip started practicing writing with his left hand like a small child. He used to write and lose. But he did not lose courage and continued writing with his left hand until he was able to write well.

Cracked three government jobs with the help of my left hand.

Now, Dilip had to prove that he could work with his left hand as well. For this, he will have to go through trouble, but he will prove it. Therefore, he practiced writing a lot and prepared himself to crack his exam easily. The same thing happened with Dilip. Dilip cracked three government exams with the help of his left hand and proved himself. Dilip says you have to fight with yourself as much as you can. Only then can you reach your destination and achieve success. Dilip says that a person should keep his willpower strong. If your willpower is strong, then you can achieve and conquer anything. Therefore, keep positivity in yourself and keep your willpower strong. You can never lose with this. If you are inspired by Dilip’s story and want to hear his story from Dilip himself, then visit Josh Talks’ YouTube channel.

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