Accessing and Understanding the Meghalaya AG e-Payslip

Comprehensive Guide to Accessing and Understanding the Meghalaya AG e-Payslip

Introduction to e-Payslip Services in Meghalaya

The Office of the Accountant General (A&E), Meghalaya, provides a critical service for the gazetted officers of the Meghalaya government through its e-Payslip system. This digital facility ensures efficient management of payroll and related administrative functions, promoting transparency and accessibility.

Key Features of the e-Payslip System

1. Digital Record-Keeping

The e-Payslip system maintains a digital archive of pay and allowances for all gazetted officers in Meghalaya. This includes detailed records for:

  • All India Service officers in the Assam and Meghalaya cadre.
  • Self-drawing officers of the Meghalaya government.

2. Service Verification and Pension Processing

The system plays a vital role in verifying service tenure and pay details which are essential for processing pension benefits. This includes issuing Leave Salary Authorisations and other crucial documents to manage the service history and leave accounts of officers efficiently.

3. Regular Updates and Modifications

e-Payslips are regularly updated to reflect any changes in pay due to promotions, transfers, or adjustments in allowances. This ensures that all adjustments are accurately recorded and the financial entitlements are correctly administered.

Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Your e-Payslip

Step 1: Visit the Official e-Payslip Portal

Access the Meghalaya AG e-Payslip system by navigating to

Step 2: Secure Login

Enter your unique GE number and password in the designated fields. This step is crucial for ensuring that your personal and financial data remains secure.

Step 3: Captcha Verification

Complete the captcha verification to confirm your identity and proceed to your account dashboard.

Step 4: Accessing the Payslip

Once logged in, your current month’s e-Payslip will be displayed. You can review all the details including pay, allowances, and deductions.

Step 5: Downloading the Document

To download your e-Payslip, simply click on the “Download” button. The payslip will be saved as a PDF file, which you can print or store for your records.

Registration for New Users

New users need to register to access the e-Payslip service. This is a simple process where you must provide your employee ID, name, and date of birth on the registration page. Following registration, you will receive a code via email to complete the setup of your account.


The e-Payslip system introduced by the Accountant General’s Office in Meghalaya is a significant step forward in the digital management of government employee records. By ensuring easy access to pay and service details, it not only simplifies the administrative process but also enhances the transparency and efficiency of government operations.


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