Zain Imam’s cousin dies of Covid-19, thanks Sonu Sood for coming to their aid: ‘You tried, we tried but bhai left for heavenly abode’

Actor Zain Imam lost his cousin Syed Taki Imam to Kovid-19. The naming actor took to Instagram to share happy photos with his brother, and also shared an emotional note. Zain said that with the death of his cousin, the industry has lost ‘a great writer, poet, speaker and importantly a gentle and humble human being’.

Zayn shared that the family was positive that Taki would come out of it, however, the Almighty had something else on his mind. “Here we bid one last adieu to my cousin’s dearest and eldest friend, whom we call Fakkad Bhai (Kaukab Bhai) aka Syed TAQI Imamo, our dearest elderly cousin, as a soul Call. We still can’t believe that you left us so soon, Bhaijaan. We were all positive that you would get out of this, but it seems that there was something else in Allah’s mind and Shab-e-Qadr to snatch you up. It was a day. You will be dearly missed brother, “the actor wrote.

The Tashan-e-Ishq star further said that the post is a “reminder of the hardships of life with a smiling face”. He also informed his followers that the cousin had lost his mother 10 days earlier, and the family hoped that he would come out strongly from it. He said that over 300 people were praying for his recovery, Zain wrote, “All of us (including your family all brothers and sisters) and your team of writers, whom I have never met but whoever meds. We were constantly involved in it. Necessity. Thank you very much to your team of writers for being there during difficult times. “

The actor also thanked actors Sonu Sood, Boman Irani and television producers Deepti Kalwani and Saba Mumtaz, as well as others who helped the family in times of crisis. He expressed his gratitude for the ‘many hidden warriors and lovelies’ who helped him in the lead and prayed for his cousin’s well being.

Zayn ends the note, saying that he cannot express the pain that the family is going through. “Can’t guess the damage. He struggled till the end of his life. May Allah give him peace and Paradise. You will be completely happy, ”he posted.

In an Instagram story, Zayn again thanked Sonu Sood for helping the family get an ICU bed for him. “You tried, we tried but eventually the brothers left for heaven,” he wrote. The actor also praised the work that Sonu is doing and mentioned, “Keep doing great work and save lives.” God bless you. Let me know that I can be a part of your initiative anyway. “

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