Zack Snyder Insists His Justice League Cut Hasn’t Been Spoiled

Zack Snyder Insists His Justice League Cut Hasn’t Been Spoiled

Even fans celebrate Jack Snyder’s return Justice League The film, there was a concern that the filmmaker had already spoiled all the key moments from the film in conversations with fans on social media over the years. When a fan asked Snyder on Vero whether there was any surprise that the film had not already been revealed by him, Snyder gave a simple but firm response.

“F ** k you’ve only seen the end of the iceberg”

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The response should be kept to calm fans’ fears that it will come as no surprise when the Jack Snyder Justice League finally releases on HBO Max next year.

Since theatrical release Justice League Back in 2017, Zack snider Fans have been teasing fans on social media about how different their version of the film would be from the film directed by Joss Whedon, indicating that only 10% of the footage filmed for the film cut it dramatically.

For the past three years, Snyder has revealed, little by little, on social media, especially through his Vero account, his aspects Justice League The film which fans did not see. This includes the introduction of major new characters including major villains Darkseid and major Swanwick, as well as revelations with Martian Manhunter.

It was also confirmed that Nightmare was teased in the sequence Batman v superman The future is being seen as the future where Darkseid enslaves Superman and uses him to subjugate Earth, requiring Flash to run back in time to warn Batman. .

Snyder also stated that Aquaman was initially an alcoholic Justice League, In her first appearance in the film Wonder Woman, failed to save a school full of children, and Batman suffered from depression due to his role in Superman’s death and during the climatic fight to atone for his sins. Sacrificed.

Little wonder that fans are wondering what other plot points in the film could possibly remain that they haven’t already learned from Snyder. But it has to be kept in mind that the original plan of the filmmaker was to make Justice League As a trilogy of films. So it is quite possible that there are a lot of unannounced storylines left from the sequel.

Now the difference is Zack Snyder’s Justice League There is going to be a single four-hour film instead of a trilogy. This means that all the important story threads that were to be introduced in the sequel would have to be jammed first and now, only in the film series.

So it makes sense that there are still a lot of elements that Snyder hasn’t spoiled yet. Hopefully, too many plot points will not end the narrative, and Snyder fans will eventually get to see such. Justice League The film they have been working so hard to make for the last three years. This news comes directly from Zack Snyder’s Vero account.

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