YouTube’s latest experiment is a TikTok rival focused on 15-second videos – TipsClear

YouTube’s latest experiment is a TikTok rival focused on 15-second videos – TipsClear

YouTube is taking direct aim at TikTok. The company on Wednesday announced testing a new feature on mobile, which will allow users to record 15-second long multi-segment videos. This is the same length that defaults to Tickcock as well as Instagram’s new Tickcock clone, Reels.

In the new YouTube experiment, users will see the option to “create videos” in the mobile upload flow, the company says.

Similar to TikTok, the user can then tap and hold the record button to record their clip. They can then tap again or release the button to stop recording. This process is repeated until they become worth 15 seconds of video footage. YouTube will combine the clip and upload it as a single video when the recording is complete. In other words, like Tickcock.

The introduction of the feature also means users who want to record mobile video content for longer than 15 seconds will no longer be able to do so within the YouTube app. Instead, they will have to record the long video on their phone and then upload it from their phone’s gallery to be posted to YouTube.

YouTube has not provided other details on the test – such as if it would later include more controls and features related to short-form workflows, such as filters, effects, music, AR, or buttons to change video speed, e.g. for. These are the tools that make a TicTalk video what it is today – not just the length of the video or its multi-segment recording style.

Nevertheless it is worth noting that YouTube is a popular short-form video format by TikTok in its locations.

This would not be the first time YouTube competed with one of its competitors by mimicking its feature set.

The company launched an alternative to Instagram Stories in 2017, designed to create and share more casual videos. But YouTube stories won’t serve TikTok audiences, because TikTok isn’t as much about individual vlogs as it is about choreographed and rehearsed content. This calls for a separate workflow and toolset.

YouTube confirmed that videos of this experiment are not being uploaded as stories, but it has not been told how 15-second videos can be discovered on the YouTube app.

News of YouTube’s latest experiment reached advertisers at this week’s IAB NewFronts just before TikTok’s big pitch. TikTok has today launched TikTok For Business, its new platform for brands and marketers wishing to do business on TikTok’s app. From the new site, advertisers can learn about TikTok’s advertising offerings, create and track campaigns, and engage in e-learning.

YouTube says its new video trial is underway with a small group of creators on both iOS and Android. A company spokesperson noted that this was one of the many tests the company had done around short-form videos.

“We’re always experimenting with ways to help people more easily find, watch, share, and interact with the videos that matter most to them. A YouTube spokesperson said, we’re short Testing a few different tools for users to find and create videos. He said, “This is one of the experiments we run all the time on YouTube, and we’re more broad based on feedback on these experiments Will look at rolling out features. “

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