Youtube Star Logan Paul Announces He’s Moving to Puerto Rico and Receives Immediate Backlash

Logan Paul shocked his followers earlier this week when he announced that he was going to Puerto Rico. Although his YouTube followers were certainly surprised to hear this news, Puerto Rico residents are not happy with his latest decision. Paul’s brother, Jake, recently announced that he was leaving Southern California for Florida due to tax concerns, which is why Logan Paul Is increasing Two of YouTube’s influential people, who were just revealed in a new poll about the most disliked influencers, feel that their tax situation will improve when they move out of California.

Logan Paul told his followers that he had gone to Puerto Rico to “scout out” and says his decision was “propitious for a change in my life”. He also mentions that he has been “bitten by the bug” to leave Hollywood. “I went there to scout it, and I fell in love with it,” Paul explained. “Obviously, I’m impulsive, and I trust my gut, my instincts. I feel like it’s the end of a chapter and a new opening.”

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Puerto Rico resident Logan Paul is not very happy with the announcement, with many claiming that the YouTube star is trying to avoid paying his taxes. One resident says, “You understand that Puerto Ricans do not want more taxing on American comings and goings; and that tax shelter you call a change of life is not long for this world.” One resident blunted saying, “We will curse you until you come here.” Many people are asking Paul to stay in California, though state residents are applauding his decision to relocate Huh.

Logan Paul is not being welcomed anywhere these days, although there are some people in Puerto Rico who would prefer him to live in the US island region. One of Paul’s followers said, “Yes Puerto Rico !!!!! Logan you have a huge fan base in Puerto Rico or not,”. However, the reactions to the welcome message are as bad as Logan is getting for his announcement. There are not many people who want Paul in Puerto Rico.

Logan Paul came into the public eye in 2013 when he and his brother Jake Paul began posting videos on the social media platform Vine. He soon made his way to YouTube and followed extensively. However, Logan caught fire in 2018 when he saw a dead body in the Akigahara forest in Japan. She has since tried to clean up her image, but there are still many who do not enjoy her antics, including most residents of Puerto Rico. You can check the announcement above, thanks to the impressive YouTube channel.

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