Your cell phone car photos suck but Larry Chen is here to help

Your cell phone car photos suck but Larry Chen is here to help

If Craigslist has used car listings, then anything can happen, so taking pictures of cars – even your own car – can be very difficult. The cars are very complex, with lots of reflective surfaces and small details. While a large fancy camera sounds like it would be a requirement to achieve a pro level result, in reality it is not so now.

Of course, getting some useful hints and tips from a legend like Larry Chen (whose work you’ve seen in everything from Speedhunters to Hot Rod), just how to get awesome photos with your phone camera, definitely helps, that’s why. Is that the Hunigan autofocus from this video is worth your time.

While having killer backgrounds like Los Angeles during a magic clock or an ancient studio space, Larry’s suggestions will help make your car photography game more robust no matter where you’re shooting – and frankly , The less dirty pictures with thumbs in places I have to suffer through craigslist, the better.

Give it a watch, try out its suggestions and post the results in the comments section.

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