You Won’t Believe What the 2000 American Music Awards Looked Like

You Won't Believe What the 2000 American Music Awards Looked Like

Attention DJ, let’s play it back: The 2020 American Music Awards are finally here and the show is ready to rock!

Already announced, you can expect to see performances from stars like you Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, And Shaun Mendes, just to name a few. Of course, it wouldn’t be an award show without a little fashion – without or Without a red carpet — and you wouldn’t believe what people wore 20 years ago!

Do you remember when in 2000 Eminem Sported a plain white tee on the red carpet and posed together Dr dreThe Or how about when the “it” couple of the 2000s, Jessica simpson And 98 degrees Singer, Nick Lachie, Shown together in their second year of dating?

At the 27th annual American Music Awards, Reba McEntire Head turned in a gorgeous blue gown, Melanie Chisholm Of Spice Girls A reliable single strut was built under the red carpet and NSYNC Seen as a group in gorgeous leather.

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