You can now pay some parking meters directly from Google Maps

You can now pay some parking meters directly from Google Maps

Google Maps will allow you to pay your parking meter without touching it.


Google Maps Google told you in a blog post on Wednesday that some cities will pay street parking and transit fares.

Citing an effort to help people touch less luggage during an epidemic, Google said it partnered with Passport and Parkmobile to pay you a parking meter from Maps. The “Pay for Parking” button will appear in Maps in areas where the facility is available. The update will also allow you to purchase bus and metro tickets using Google Pay when you receive transit directions in Maps. And in cities like San Francisco, you can get a digital clipper card, which works with local bus and metro systems in Maps. Then just tap your phone on the card reader or show your ticket.

Android users in nearly 400 cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Cincinnati and Boston, will be able to use the parking facility starting Wednesday. Google plans to bring capacity to iOS in the future. Transit fares will be killed Android In the coming weeks to about 80 transit agencies worldwide.

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