Yes, Rihanna’s Latest Hair Transformation Features a Must-See Mullet

Yes, Rihanna's Latest Hair Transformation Features a Must-See Mullet

RihannaThe only girl in the world who can pull off this look.

In the midst of quarantine, the music superstar stepped out on November17 for a rare dinner. The 32-year-old, led by celebrity hot-spot Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California, was spotted by photographers with a new hairstyle. Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen: Rihanna is shaking a mullet!

The singer arrived at the empty restaurant around midnight and sported a casual graphic T-shirt featuring a Marijuana Leaf logo. She completed her look with printed green and white pants, white heels and sunglasses.

Rihanna has a hairstylist Yusef Went there to enjoy a late dinner with his close friend. However, he has not yet shared any details about his client’s latest hair transformation.

During the Coronavirus epidemic, Rihanna has used her voice online to encourage her fans and followers to vote. She worked hard to pull off an unforgettable fashion show.

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