Yamaha unveils a wild new 469 hp prototype electric motor

Yamaha unveils a wild new 469 hp prototype electric motor

It is a seriously powerful electric motor in the Alsubah aluminum case that can drive electric sports cars of the future.


This is not common knowledge at all, but Yamaha does a ton of work developing powertrains for other automakers. This is in addition to making motorcycles and pianos and another billion things. Toyota 2000GT Is your company? Yamaha Cylinder Head. XC90 to Volvo V8? She was also Yamaha. Ford Taurus SHO from the 90s? Absolutely. Yamaha attacked again.

But, Yamaha is not the only one developing super-rad internal combustion engines and components. EVE has also got its claws in the world, and according to an announcement made by the company on Monday, it is also doing a hell of a job there. In particular, it comes with a compact, integrated electric propulsion unit that produces up to 469 horsepower.

If you are not great with numbers, then there is too much power for a motor. This becomes even more so when you understand that many electric vehicles use multiple motors. Even more notable than power generation, however, is the packaging.

Yamaha has integrated all mechanical and electrical components into a self-contained unit that can use oil or water for cooling, depending on the needs of the customer. This means that, from a design and manufacturing standpoint, integrating it into your vehicle is a lot easier than finding space for discrete electronics everywhere.

The implications for performance electric vehicles – especially from small boutique manufacturers – are huge, even though this motor is only a prototype. Yamaha plans to show it along with other electric motor prototypes at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 in Yokohama on May 26 to May 26.

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