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One of the world’s best-selling wearable lineups added a new gadget to the mix.

Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi Today unveiled the Mi Smart Band 5 that adds several improvements and features such as a larger screen, new wireless charging system, and the company’s one-year-old Mi Smart Band 4 plus women’s health mode – at its dirt-cheap price Keeping the point intact.

The Mi Smart Band 5 features a 1.1-inch AMOLED display, which is 20% larger than its immediate predecessor Sport.

Along with the new band, the world’s second largest wear seller is also bringing in many new animated watch faces, including characters from TV series such as Spongebob Squarepants, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Detective Conan, and eight color palettes.

Xiaomi says the new Smart Band is powered by an improved processor – which it has not specified – to enable tracking of the menstrual cycle for the first time, and support additional features such as stress assessment that allow the wearer to Will tell when it’s a good time to rest.

Mi Smart Band 5 is compatible with iPhones as well as Android The handset, now more efficiently monitors the wearer’s sleep cycle, evaluates support for REM sleep as well as deep and light sleep sessions. The company claimed that its heart rate monitoring is now 50% more accurate.

The biggest improvement in the new band is its new charging system. This is a recent change as previous models in Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band lineup have received complaints from users who described the tracker as a clumsy process to take it off the leash. Now the company says that its new magnetic charging dock automatically falls to the bottom of the band. One-time charging of the band allows for continuous use for up to 14 days.

Like the Mi Smart Band 4, the Band 5 supports the company’s homegrown digital voice assistant XiaoAI, which the user can trigger by swiping to the right of the display.

There is an additional version of Smart Band 5 that supports NFC. The model has support for mobile payment services, and can also be used to unlock smart doors and as a transport card in select subways.

The Mi Smart Band 5 goes on sale next week in China at a price point of RMB 189 ($ 26.75) while the NFC version of the band is priced at RMB 229 ($ 32.5). The company says that this device will be made available in the international market soon.

Xiaomi remains one of the leading players in the wearable market as it refreshes aggressively and introduces new devices. In November last year, Xiaomi launched its first smartwatch – called the Mi Watch – which is just as attractive as the Apple Watch. The Mi Watch is priced at $ 185.

According to research firm IDC, the company shipped 10.1 million wearable devices in the quarter ended in March this year. It is ahead of Samsung, Huawei and Fitbit. Apple holds the top position in the category.

Data: IDC

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