Thanks to FPS Boost the Xbox Series S is an incredible value at $300

Xbox Series S just became a no-brainer thanks to this great new feature


The Xbox Series S is probably more powerful than you think.

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In February, Xbox released. Introduced a new feature for Xbox series And Series x Called Fps boost. This allows for some backward-compatible Xbox One games, which originally ran at 30 frames per second (fps), now run at 60 fps or in some cases 120 fps on newer consoles. These enhancements are done in-house by the Xbox Hardware Group and do not require developer input.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that 74 new games would now support FPS Boost, including Far Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Recore and Alien Isolation. Tally 97 games in the Series X and Series S with FPS Boost Treatment so far.

Seriously, the ability to play these older titles at a frame rate, they weren’t really meant to run dramatically, boosting the value of the Xbox Series S so much that I could actually start recommending it on the Series X .

Frame rate is everything

This is right. The frame rate means everything to me. I have had both the Xbox Series S and Series X since its launch in November, and in that time I have become a full frame rate snob. For me, the frame rate is the most important feature when it comes to deciding what the game “next gen” looks like.

And if a game doesn’t offer at least 60fps mode, I won’t play it. Sounds harsh, I know, but it’s true. Games running at 60 fps look smooth, more aesthetically pleasing and react more quickly than games with lower frame-rates. Once you experience it in more than a handful of games, it is hard to get back to 30fps.

That’s why I had a hard time recommending the Xbox Series S to friends looking for the next generation system when I first bought it in November. Apart from the faster load times, most backward-compatible games were no better than they were originally. There were some games that were adapted for the Series S, such as Gears 5, which looked great and ran at 60fps. But almost none of these were enough.

This has all changed now, thanks to the massive influx of both FPS Boost games and the release of more and more Series S customized games.

Fps-boost-wide-final-1920 x1080

There are now 97 games that feature FPS Boost on the Xbox Series X and S.


‘Adapted for the series X | S’

What if a game does not use FPS boost? This is where the adaptations for the Series X and S come from. These essentially take a game that is available on the Xbox One and add new features such as higher resolution, more graphical effects, and of course a 60fps (and or higher) frame rate. These adaptations are usually controlled by the developers themselves.

I hate to admit it, but I will buy games I have only one interest in if I see that they have an “X | S” customized logo. I did this with Mortal Shell and The Avengers. Also, Xbox recently announced that Sea of ​​Solitude received FPS boost treatment. I had never heard of that game before hearing about the update, but I downloaded it via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the day of the FPS Boost announcement. I will at least try it now.

Still a few disappointments

As much as I appreciate the improvements made in the last few months, there are still some disappointments. Sometimes the game gets a 60fps patch on Series X, but not Series S. Both Outer Worlds and Wreckfest now run at 60fps on Series X, but still top out on Series S at 30fps.

This is likely due to the difference in graphical bandwidth between the 12 Teraflop GPUs in the Series X and the 4 Teraflop GPUs in the Series S. Getting some games to run continuously at 60 FPS on the Series S – without using FPS boost – can take more work.

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System of choice?

If you are a hardcore gamer who is willing to pay $ 500 (£ 450, AU $ 749) for a console – If you can find one, Ie – Series X is definitely the system for you. I don’t have a Playstation 5 And probably won’t until the end of the year, so can’t talk about its quality, but my colleague Dan Ackerman Recommends it — Again, If you can find it.

However, if you do not fit the above description, the Series S is a great alternative to the next generation. The console is a bit easier to find and the performance is unmatched in SSD speed value propositions, customized games, and FPS Boost games. When you combine it with a game pass for $ 10 or $ 15 (£ 11, AU $ 16), it is a ridiculous price that will only get better over the next few months as more and better games are released.

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