WWE’s Kevin Nash Wants to Play Herman Munster in Rob Zombie’s Munsters Movie

WWE Hall of Famer kevin nasho Hope Rob Zombie casts him as Herman Munster Munsters, an upcoming film adaptation based on the classic comedy series. In the original TV show, Herman, Frankenstein’s monster and a hoax of the Munster family patriarch, was played by legendary actor Fred Gwynne. More recently, Zombie shared a photo on Instagram, revealing the clay sculpture that will be used for the character’s forehead, complete with the familiar scar.

Rob Zombie has been open with fans about the pre-production process The Munsters Movie, but they have stopped announcing any casting information. Names are floating around as to the cast of rumors, but until the news is made official by Zombie or Universal, other actors may be worried about the possibility of getting involved. Enter Kevin Nash, who has also worked sporadically as an actor in addition to his pro wrestling career.

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In a recent interview for WWE broken skull session Along with Steve Austin, Nash spoke about his long wrestling career and his various accolades. Speaking with “Stone Cold”, Nash also touched on his acting work, and then he brought special Munsters As for the next film he wants to move on. From interview:

“I love acting. Like now, Rob the zombie has the rights Munsters. I would love to play Harman. The thing is that Hermann Münster has a sensibility and femininity. This will happen when I have to choose the right role which I always wanted to play.”

After the interview with Austin, Nash retweeted a post from a fan on Twitter that read, “Hey @RobZombie…get it done! @RealKevinNash should be the next Herman Munster.”

What many wrestling fans may not realize is that Kevin Nash was playing Super Shredder in the 1991 sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle II: The Secret of the OZ. He has also appeared in various films over the years like the Punisherhandjob the longest Yardhandjob grandma’s boyhandjob john wick, And this Magic Mike Movies. He was last seen in 2020 chick fight With Malin Ackerman, Bella Thorne and Alec Baldwin.

You can’t blame Kevin Nash for throwing his name in a hat Munsters, because Zombies has had no problem enlisting pro wrestling stars for their films in the past. Diamond Dallas Page appeared as a bounty hunter alongside Danny Trejo in gritty horror flick Satan’s Rejection. Tyler Mane, a former pro wrestler who performed in World Championship Wrestling as The Wall, played the role of Rob Zombie’s incarnation of Michael Myers in both filmmakers. Halloween Movies.

The problem for Nash is that the role of Herman Munster has already been cast. As of yet, Zombie hasn’t officially confirmed any of the rumored casting information, but a previous report from Murphy’s Multiverse claims that Jeff Daniel Phillips has been cast in the role. Phillips has appeared in several previous Zombie films, including his most recent, 3 from hellWhich was released in 2019.

We are still waiting for the official casting announcements Munsters from Zombie, and a release date hasn’t even been revealed yet. You can watch the full interview with Kevin Nash broken skull session With Steve Austin on NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock.

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