WWE WrestleMania 37 Night 2 results, Reigns win and full recap

WWE WrestleMania 37 Night 2 results, Reigns win and full recap


WrestleMania 37 Ending with a familiar vision: Roman rule stands tall. The head of the table decisively defeated both Daniel Bryan and Edge to retain their Universal Championship. This set off a spectacular program that overtook the bar set WrestleMania 37 Night 1.

The show featured a string of strong bouts, including Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens, and the stunningly prolific Riddle vs. Sheamus. Rhea Ripley won the Raw Women’s Championship by defeating Asuka, which means both women’s titles changed hands while neither of them won the world title. Randy Orton’s match against The Find was poor and silly but, thankfully, it did not last long.

Below is a complete recap of WrestleMania 37 Night 2. Here you will get a recap of WrestleMania 37 Night 1.

Roman Rains retains Universal Championship

Roman rule is man. After a stunning main event, Roman Reyniggs pinned both Edge and Daniel Bryan – at the same time – to maintain their Universal Championship. Edge killed Bryan with a concerto and he was setting up Reagan to do so. Jey Uso escapes and blasts Edge, but Edge sends him away. The reign took advantage of the distraction, speared Edge and then destroyed Edge with a Concherito of his own. Reigns later pulled Bryan’s edge and pinned them both.

Jey Uso joined very directly. Reigns throws Bryan out, and Uss orchestrates Bryan with a superkick. Uso then attacked Edge. After a suicide dive from Bryan, Riggs was momentarily ruled out, with Edge sending Uso with a big DDT at the ring steps. The USO was run backstage by Medical Personnel, but of course we knew he would return later.

From there it was an intense triple threat that followed the standard “two in one out” formula. Edge and Bryan winced while Riggs was out, but eventually Bryan walked out and Riggs came in. Edge looked fantastic throughout the match, despite being 48 years old, he never felt backward. There is a wicked place with his reign that both ended with him going for a spear at the same time.

When the trio finished outside, there was a great sequence that saw Ribbons powerbomb Brian through the table of the Agans, killing him exactly, before getting a spear by Edge. Edge throws Riggs into the ring and brings him to a chair, but Riggs snatches him away. He wrestled, but Edge gained the upper hand by locking in a Crossforce submission. The way it seemed Riggs would tap, Bryan slipped into the ring and grabbed Riggs’ hand, preventing him from tapping. Bryan then implemented the YES lock, while Edge still had a quiet spot in the crossface. Brian and Edge kept shouting at each other, telling each other to go on hold. Then he participated in a good Rajbhasha ‘fashion headbutt contest.

Everyone got a chance to shine in the match. He locks Riggons in a Yess lock when Bryan arrives first, and then, when he breaks up, catches Edge in it as well. He later dispatches Edge with his flying knee. Edge retracts them, although Brian is ruled out with Concharto. And when only one spear was struck in the match during the reign, he got the biggest shine: pinning both people at the same time.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Riya Ripley pinned Asuka

Riya Ripley was ready for Asuka. Ripley pinned Asuka with Ripude.

The match was just OK, which is a boomer. They both worked hard, but for most of the match the crowd was quiet which made it very difficult to get into it. Riya is very promising and Asuka is great, but it didn’t click for many reasons. The big issue is that Asuka hasn’t had a pay-per-view title defense since last October, so she doesn’t feel as important as she should, and this is Ripley’s first WWE pay-per-view in front of the live crowd.

Some of the best submissions were Wrestling, with Asuka departing from Replay’s power to Arbor and Knobbar. But it didn’t really excite the crowd, nor did the larger venue where Ascon did away with the DDT replay apron. That said, when he won, the crowd popped big for the replays.

Rating: 3 stars The crowd was so flat for it, even though they woke up to finish, which made it harder to enter.

Apollo Crew Wins Intercontinental Championship

Another championship change. Dabba-Kato, a former NFL player and current development talent, debuted and chokeslammed Big E after the Apollo crew defeated Big E in the Nigerian Drum Fight (actually just a No Holds Barred match).

It was a tough match. These two were in a tough spot, following two very strong bouts, and made it through with a high-intensity sprint. They began intercepting each other with cando stick shots. Apollo gets one of the big gold drums from ringside but Big E kills it with his own hands.

Big E hits his patent spear from the apron to the floor, which makes me wince every time. Later, after the crew stepped under the apron, Big E engaged the crew with Eurange from Arop on the steel steps. One more Vince from me. The finish was over when the crew set a table and went for a splash but Big E moved in and the crew crashed. Big E did the crew at the Big Ending, but Dabba-Kato came out of nowhere, pulling Chokeslam Big E and the crew over the top for cover.

Rating: 2.5 stars These two worked hard, but they were in a tough spot away from just two terrible matches. The stipulation of the silly “Nigerian Drum Fight” made it difficult to take it seriously.

Sheamus won the United States Championship

Another great match – Knight 2 is going well. Sheamus and Riddle knocked the hell out of each other, and Shimas was victorious after catching Riddle with a brigade kick as Rams Middle-Monsault.

It began with some wrestling and fairly standard action. The Owens vs. Zayn match ended on a high, so Shimus and Riddle began by resetting the crowd. But when Sheamus strikes at the tip of Gailly’s bicycle, the guild drops near a strike pass. Shimas then hit an Alabama slam for one and two counts. Shortly afterwards, Riddle gets his turn. He dismissed Sheamus with a penalty kick to the outside with a German Suplex on the side of the ring and a floating brow for a two count.

Back in the ring, Sheamus went for a white noise from the top rope, but lost his balance. Thankfully, he landed on his feet and Riddle still rested on his shoulders, so hit White Noise in the middle of the ring, followed by a flying knee from the top rope for a couple. Riddle began to fight back, but that brigade kick caught Mid-Monsault.

After the match, the blood-turned-up Riddle began to stare with Shimus. Hopefully we see these two again.

Rating: 4 stars

Kevin Owens pinned Samee Zayn

a good match. Sami Zayn was pinned in a bout by Kevin Owens, who thankfully had no interference from Logan Paul, who ringed unsteadily in Sami Zayn’s corner.

The two got off to a strong start, with Owens immediately hitting a pop-up powerbomb. Zion rolled out of the ring and it was a lot of action from there. There really isn’t much to say. There was a little story throughout the match, as it featured Owens and Zayn trading tricks. It sounds like a criticism, but everything was so tight, and both are so talented, so it was just a bunch to watch.

However the story played out in this conclusion. Sami Zayn hits a helluva kick on Owens and then, as Owens starts to fall, Zayn catches him. It was a comeback for their match at the 2016 Battleground pay-per-view match – something that JBL, the guest commenting on, actually reported. Zion went for another, like how he did all those years at the Battleground, but Owens caught him with a superkick, then another superkick. Owens then catches Gir Zan, hits him with a stunner and wins 1-2-3.

Paul came to the ring after the match. Zayne joined her grill, so Paul shook Zayn. Zayn then retreated. There was a funny moment when Paul lifted Owens’ arm and the whole crowd was chanting Owens to stare at him. Which he did perfectly, and the crowd loved him. Credit to Logan Paul here: He knew his role – that is, the crowd he wanted to see – and he took a better stunner than most rosters.

Rating: 4 stars Very good.

Nia Jax and Shayna Basler retain tag titles

Nia Jaksa and Shaina Basler defended their titles against Natalya and Tamina.

The match started off surprisingly. Nia Jaxa and Tamina get involved in a headbutt fight, with Bussler hitting Natalya with a terrible knee, which hurts her, and Zach kicks Tamina out with a body slam. But then the pace slowed down. Outside with Tamina, Jackson and Basler worked in the ring with Natalya. Creeping and the crowd calmed down.

Ultimately Natalya struggled and was able to tag in Tamina. He closed a class with Jax, which resulted in Tamina doing a body slam on Jax (even if he didn’t completely uproot her). She then left for the Superflesh Splash but went to Jackson. They both tag their teammates. Natalya blasts Basler out of the ring and locks Jax in a sharpshooter, apparently not realizing Bassler is a legal woman.

Basler breaks the sharpshooter by locking in the Kirfuda clutch, and Natalya kicks out.

Rating: 2.75 stars This was much better than the tag team Tarmoil match of Knight 1. It was a mixed bag, as it was not particularly good due to Tamina being in the ring most of the time. But it was well laid out, with some real bright spots (such as Basler’s terrible knee) and a quiet finish – even if the “babyface pass out” was over.

Randy Orton defeated The Find

WrestleMania 37 closed with one of the show’s most heavily publicized matches: Randy Orton vs. The Fend. After a brief match, Randy Orton pinned The Find with an RKO.

Randy Orton came out in white tights – some WrestleMania pizza for you. Then we got the entry of The Find.

We see him walking through a walkway where he transforms from the burnt fandom into a “normal” one, a little new mask from Albite. Then Alexa Bliss comes out in her firefly funhouse form, and walks to a jack of the box that is set up near the ring. He replaces the handle, pops to the tune of The Weasel, and comes out The Fend.

The match itself was like an average raw bout. They had a direct wrestling match until Alexa Bliss appeared in the box above Jack, from which The Fender appeared. She was … I don’t know, covered in ink or blood or something. The Fiend was confused, and Orton hit an RKO for the pin.

After the match, Bliss and The Find looked at each other and then the lights went on and the two disappeared. The crowd boiled over.

Rating: 1 star This is just a precursor. Randy Orton burnt The Cind to a crisp, and ended with … a wrestling match. Where they really just do normal wrestling tricks. If The Fiend can virtually disregard the rules of life and death, if he collides with DDT, why do we care how an RKO could possibly put him down? This is just stupid.

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