What is a working family payment? Rates, Amount, How to Apply

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Working Family Payment 2024

Families with low-paying jobs get the weekly Working Family Payment (WFP), which is a tax-free payment. Ireland’s Budget 2024 is for raising the Working Family Payment (WFP) income limitations by €54 for all family sizes, with effect from January 2024.

These policies demonstrate a commitment to meeting the changing needs of families by strengthening assistance for working adults with children who are struggling financially. Here is all the information to see whether you could be qualified for the Working Family Payment, as there are likely many individuals who qualify but aren’t receiving it.

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What is a working family payment?

Previously referred to as the Family Income Supplement (FIS), the Working Family benefit (WFP) is a weekly social assistance benefit for working parents with low incomes. It is provided to employees who have children and provides further financial help to low-paid individuals.

Working Family Payment

A person who works at least 19 hours per week or 38 hours per fortnight and has one or more children who live with them ordinarily is eligible for the Working Family Payment. Specifically, while distributing payments under the WFP, the number of dependent children is taken into consideration.

Working Family Payment Rates 2024

Your household income will be evaluated through a means test by the Department of Social Protection (DSP). It evaluates your overall income in relation to your family size’s WFP income ceiling. You may qualify for WFP if your income is below the program’s income cap.

Work more than 38 hours per week, anticipate working for three months, and have at least one kid under the age of eighteen to be eligible. WFP represents 60% of the discrepancy between your mean take-home pay and the WFP income threshold. Changes in some social assistance payments and family circumstances may affect eligibility.

Working Family Payment Amount 2024

A one-time payment of €400 to all families receiving WFP assistance is one of the various adjustments to the payment made by the WFP Budget 2024. Another is an increase in the income limits for all family sizes. Beginning in January 2024, regardless of the size of the family, the income criteria for the Working Family Payment will increase by €54 per week.

How many children you have will affect how much this is.

  • You must make less than €541 per week if you have a single parent.
  • If you are a parent of two children, your weekly income must not exceed €642.
  • You must make less than €743 per week if you are the parent of three children.
  • You must make less than €834 per week if you have four kids.
  • If you are a parent of five children, your weekly income must not exceed €960.

The amount of the Working Family Payment that you get depends on your family’s income and number of children. A family with one kid can get up to €125.80 per week in cash. A family with two children can get up to €153.60 each week, and so forth.

How to Apply?

The Working Family Payment is available through online or postal applications. To apply offline, complete the Working Family Payment application (pdf). A Citizens Information Center, Social Welfare Branch Office, or Intreo Center can assist you in filling it out.

Through MyWelfare, you may apply online for the Working Family Payment.that is, if you possess a validated MyGovID account. Your bank account information, facts about your income, and paystubs for both you and your partner will be required. Please provide your most current paystubs with your application form in order to ensure that your WFP application is handled as soon as possible.

Payment to WFP typically lasts 52 weeks, or a year. Whether you work fewer hours or receive a lower wage, your payment will remain the same throughout this time. However, you will have the chance to reapply for WFP at the end of the 52-week term, and your revised circumstances will also be taken into account at that point.

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