Work/Life: How to Remain Focused During Times of Distraction

In this episode of Work / Life, Sierra Pressler, author of Pregame and Game planConversations with Greg Nibbler, how to stay focused during the constant distracting, chaos and confusion of the current climate, could it be epidemic fatigue, protests, wildfires, elections, or any number of other things beyond our control. Or swamp us.

“There’s so much going on,” Pressler said, “so how do we concentrate when there’s a lot going on?” The first stage of gaining focus, she says, is to accept what is going on – not only with the constant barrage of news, but about ourselves. “You don’t feel like working at 100%, and that’s fine!” She says.

So how should we handle both our stress and workload? Pressler has some tips. It is a great place to explore the various things that are grabbing your attention, and limiting your news or social media usage. “It is important to be an informed citizen, but too much news can worry you,” she says. She suggests turning off news alerts and other notifications so that they do not constantly attract your attention and attention. “It can really help you stay focused on the task at hand.”

“I think another tip is doing things in intervals,” she continues, comparing different levels of exercise and working. There are many ways that can help you organize this type of workflow, and can help you take mental breaks that are defined and determined.

Also, make sure that you are giving yourself time, as self-care is important for mental health. She says, “Make personal contact, you can just vent or just talk.” “Community is what keeps you healthy.”

“Just Moving [what you’re up against] A great start, and asking for help is not a weakness, ”Pressler explains. “If you need to talk to a friend or fellow employee or boss, talk about it. People can only know what you tell them. “

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