Wonder Woman 1984 movie nosedives in second box office weekend

Wonder Woman 1984: Ending explained and unanswered questions

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Even Gal Gadot could not save the new film Wonder Woman 1984.

Clay Enos / Warner Bros. Pictures

Fans are excited to see Wonder Woman in the film again Wonder Woman 1984 – starring and directed by Gail Gadot Patty jenkins – Apparently they were not willing to pay for it. The new film, which debuted on December 25, dropped 67 percent for its second weekend in domestic US theaters. The movies The opening weekend grossed $ 36.1 million., With a total of $ 118.5 million worldwide so far.

The large decline in Wonder Woman gross can be attributed to several factors including Cinema closed due to epidemic; The fan Watch movie on hbo max (At no additional charge to its customers); And the film is receiving not-so-star reviews from fans who share their opinions on social media.

The decline in the film’s profits can also be attributed to the release date of Wonder Woman 1984. The film was originally scheduled for June 2020, Again august, Again october, And then finally December Christmas day. Most comic book films do not open on Christmas day.

It is also unclear how much influence HBO Max had on the film’s final gross. Fans not watching Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters due to epidemic concerns Seen in film on hbo max. If they were already customers, they got to see Wonder Woman at no extra charge.

And then there are ratings from critics and fans. Wonder Woman’s 1984 Rotten Tomatoes has a rating of 61 percent from critics and 74 percent from fans.

This is much lower than the original 2017 Wonder Woman film, which received a Rotten Tomato rating of 93 percent from critics and 84 percent from fans. This is unexpected given the critics’ The first reaction of Wonder Woman 1984 was positive.

Not only this, to express disappointment in Wonder Woman 1984, fans took the film’s release date on social media. Even negative words of mouth could not be less than the film’s box office performance.

Despite this, the news of a decline in the number of its second weekend is not good news for DC Comics or Warner Bros. Time will tell if other films will get the same fate for the same day on services like HBO Max.

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