Woe Trailer Awakens Dark Secrets and a Mysterious Hunchbacked Creature

A new trailer and poster have been released for Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight Production HiThe horror film, written and directed by Matthew Goodhue, centers on a brother and sister who inherit their father’s house after his death. However, as its secrets are revealed, the house appears as a curse rather than a blessing.

Features of the film Jesse Rabidew, Known for modern love, And Adam HaffertyKnown for short films damesAnd Virgil As two siblings. While James Russo stars as Uncle Pete, who claims to have answers about the father’s past and the secrets of the house. Russell Baker, Jerilyn Armstrong, Ryan Katner, Devon Labon, Flora Rubenhold and Jason Tippett also join the cast.

The new trailer gives a glimpse into the fractured relationship between Charlie and Betty Denniston and their disagreements over what to do with their legacy. It is soon revealed that his father took his own life, and that something sinister is going on around the property. Hints are revealed by side characters in the trailer until a haunting post-title scene shows Halferty’s character Charlie digging a grave-sized hole in the home’s garden.

The new poster of the film shows a dark hooded figure on a red background, a simple yet effective image. The identity of the figure is left to the imagination of the viewer, however, given the film’s plot, it is not unreasonable to assume that it may have been the brother’s father or his mysterious uncle. The poster also states that one of the film’s producers, Ivan Astrowsky, also produced cabin Fever, a 2016 horror film centered on five friends in a holiday cabin.

mourning poster

A year after her father’s death, Charlie repairs the old family home, while her sister, Betty, decides to sell her father’s car without her brother’s consent – ​​the same car their father committed suicide in . As the two avoid facing their long grief, mental health, and each other, a hunchbacked creature shadows their every move. Their estranged Uncle Pete, who is presumed dead, claims he has the answers – if only Charlie and Betty would get out of their own heads and accept help.

HiPremiered at the 2020 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, but will move to on-demand services and DVD release on June 15. Having already premiered, the film has been eligible for awards, and even won the Audience Award for Best Cinematography and Best Feature Film at the Massachusetts Festival. Before being nominated for Best Feature at the 2020 Chicago Horror Film Festival, the film was also nominated for the Best Feature and Best Actor (Ryan Katner) awards at that event.

Film director and writer Matthew GoodhueKee’s feature directorial debut, having previously produced several short-films. These short films include damesAnd Virgil, to make well damnThis is the third time she and Adam Hafferty have worked together. The filmmaker also served as an editor on eight episodes of the TV show Rough draft with Reza Aslan.well damnDistributor Kamikaze will become Dogfight’s ninth feature length title upon release.

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