William Zabka Didn’t Have Much Fun at Comic-Con Before Cobra Kai

Attending Comic-Con is now more fun than ever William Zabka After the smash success of cobra moss. In 1984, appeared in Zabka appeared the Karate Kid As Johnny Lawrence, the Cobra Kai fighter who is eventually defeated by Daniel Larso (Ralph Macchio). The character is one of the most famous villains of the 1980s, and with the attached fame would meet Zabka. karate boy Comic-Con fans in later years.

cobra moss The narrative flipped when it premiered in 2018 by replacing Johnny Lawrence in the role of a protagonist. Although he was the villain of the original film, fans took Johnny well and the series became popular very quickly. Back to Comic-Con after becoming a star cobra moss, Jabka noticed that she was getting some very different reactions from fans who were now overjoyed to meet her. The actor detailed his Comic-Con experience in a recent interview WTF with Marc Maron podcast.

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“It’s a trip. I love it now because until Cobra Kai I was the table dad would walk up to and go, ‘I want my baby to meet you. This guy was the biggest idiot. Nice to meet you.’ And they would leave. Now, I was coming up to people and going, ‘Hey, I love you on the show. Johnny is cool now.'”

Also in the interview, Zabka revealed how she got John Craze actor Martin Cove to share the news that a the Karate Kid The series was about to happen. It is said that as soon as Zabka told him about the show, when the two were attending the same fan convention, Craze immediately wanted to. Koovs Craze is now featured with Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence as the main character of the series.

Now in three seasons, cobra moss The original film brought in other guest stars from the series. A teaser promoting the fourth season suggests that Thomas Ian Griffith will be next to have the fun in Season 4 by reprising his role as Terry Silver. We’ve seen Tamlin Tomita as Kumiko, Yuji Okumoto as Toguchi before. and Elizabeth Shue as Ali Mills.

cobra moss It also stars Courtney Hengler, Xolo Mariduena, Tanner Buchanan, Marie Mauser, Gianni DeCenzo, Vanessa Rubio and Peyton List. The series was first created for YouTube by Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg. It was later transferred to Netflix where it premiered its third season which was originally filmed for a YouTube release. Cobra Kai Season 4 has already completed filming, as Cove revealed with a post on Instagram in April.

“Tonight, me and the entire crew cobra moss The S4 is officially wrapped!” Cove said. “What season, and what year. A team that is fearless and shows no mercy, through COVID we carried on, we hit first and with an artist who works hard! [Jon Hurwitz]handjob [Josh Heald] And [Hayden Schlossberg] You have more energy than I knew was humanly possible. our captain cobra moss The ship that takes us daily to glory, without your leadership we would be lost in the water.”

Netflix hasn’t set a release date cobra moss Season 4 is yet to come, but it will hit streamers sometime in late 2021. And we know Terry Silver will be back. In the meantime, you can watch the first three seasons on the streamer. Zabka’s interview about his career and Comic-Con experiences can be heard on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast.


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