Will The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Movie Arrive in Theaters with an R-Rating?

According to a newly emerged rumor, upcoming The walking dead The cinematic spin-off, which will focus solely on Rick Grimes, wants to see a “tough” R rating. Focused on the news of a single film series Rick grimes Having been rotating for some time, the film is reportedly rated with everything with an R tracking that has recently been told about the continued adventures of the reluctant leader.

Screenwriter Scott Gimple recently teased out some details about the project’s tone, comparing it to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Swansong Logan. “You said that not every X-Men film was meant to be enjoyed”. “Rick has a history and history will exist within him and it will be a big part of who he is, but it is likely to be a very different Rick that we also see. The new audience will like, ‘Oh. He Boy. I want to search for that past history. ‘For those of us who know it well, it’s like,’ Oh shit, this is the thing that’s weighing on him from the past. ‘ You will invite both the people that we try to do with the show. “

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Released in 2017, Logan After the events of the rest of the film series, pickup with the legendary member of the X-Men and his inner hero to summon his young hero once again before forcing the fan-favorite mutant into a self-employed retirement. Called Laura for protection. Logan Differ in tone for other X Men Movies, and not only introduce the kind of dishonest language that parents have to cover their child’s ears, but are also brutally violent, adding weight to the idea Rick Grimes’ Single adventures to be R-rated.

The walking dead The film is reportedly being plotted as the beginning of a trilogy that will “honor those who have invested time in their lives and shows, but not at the expense of inviting everyone Can, ”Gimple said earlier, explaining his approach to the project.

A film revolving around Rick Grimes was announced by Chief Content Officer and former Shorner Scott Gimple shortly after Andrew Lincoln’s surprise exit from the AMC television series in November 2018. The yet-untitled feature will follow as Gut and Anne (Paulina), McIntosh), formerly the Jedis of the survival group The Scavengers, and will reportedly reveal what happened to the pair after the events of the Season 9 episode. 5 episodes “What’s Come After”, in which Rick and Anne boarded the Civic Republic. The military helicopter and subsequent apocalypse were taken to a new corner of the world.

The teaser trailer released during San Diego Comic-Con in July 2019 indicated that Rick and Anne would be moved to Philadelphia, which is from a far away corner. The walking dead Universe. Although not much is currently known about the film’s direction, producer Scott Gimple provided some details earlier this year, suggesting it would be larger than the series. “We’re going to continue telling Rick’s story, and we’re going to explore the world a lot through that story,” Gimple said back in January.

The walking dead Director Rosemary Rodriguez recently speculated that not only will Rick grimes The film will be released any time this year, but it will also hit the big screen. It is known to us as Dono Richman.

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