Will Rege-Jean Page Be the Next James Bond? Bridgerton Star Faces 007 Rumors Head-On

Ever since the break out on the hit Netflix series bridgerton, Reggae-gene Page has emerged as a rumored candidate to play the next James Bond, and now the actor has officially set the record straight. At this time, fans of James Bond The series awaits the release of the 25th film,no time to die, which will feature Daniel Craig’s final role as Agent 007. It has been clarified that Craig’s time is up since the film’s release, but fans can only speculate as to who will be the next actor in the role until an official announcement is made.

It is not a shock to see the name of the page in these discussions. Given his popularity and the news that he is looking for new bigger roles after leaving bridgerton, it was probably a while ago bond Rumors started forming. Now, per THR, Page has clarified what’s going on with that position, revealing that he hasn’t had any official talks with MGM for the role. Here’s how he explained it when asked directly about the James Bond rumours.

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“Yes, [because] It gets clicks. It has nothing to do with me – nothing to do with anything that happened in any room or any meeting. It really is a thing for people to talk about. So it’s flattering, but it’s just a game.”

This answer is much more definitive than what the reggae-gene page has said about the rumors in the past. At one point, he suggested that he was mentioned only because he just happens to be a British actor who has had success. Still, the rumors persisted, and in February, he provided a more cryptic answer. Graham Norton Show Some fans thought that he must have indulged in some buzz for the film which he was yet to talk about. Now, it seems that he was tired of hearing about the rumors as they were not true at all.

bridgerton is the only ‘B’ word I’m allowed to say,” Page explained. “I’m not going to talk about other ‘B’ words!”

even though bond 26 For Page isn’t in the cars, at least not at the moment, the actor is still doing a lot to keep himself busy. He has since joined the ensemble cast of the Russo Brothers’ upcoming thriller gray man, which also stars Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick, Billy Bob Thornton and Alfre Woodard. Page is also cast as a part of the ensemble Dungeons & Dragons Live-action reboot with Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, Hugh Grant and Sophia Lillis.

no time to die The pandemic has seen significant delays in production, but is slated to release on 30 September in the UK and 8 October in the United States. What’s next on the page gray man Netflix release date not yet set, but Dungeons & Dragons It is scheduled to premiere in theaters on March 3, 2023. This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.

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