Will Moon Knight Introduce Werewolf by Night Into the MCU?

Marvel’s Kevin Feige Has Regularly Talked About How MCU The next few years are about to expand in some surprising directions, whether by permitting a merger with Fox. Fantastic Four and X Men To be brought into the Marvel fold, or to delve into some of the lesser-known characters in its comic book arsenal. While we’ve seen a sitcom (wandavision), getting a legit comedy (she hulk), and a little scary (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), we also know we’re going to get all mysterious and supernatural with Oscar Isaac Moon Knight, which is currently filming in Budapest.

Moon Knight One of several Marvel projects coming our way soon, and at the moment it’s a mystery what to expect, even after seeing Ethan Hawke as the villain in the set images And still not able to really tell who he is playing. This is one of those projects. However, while there is a substantial gallery of potential other villains that could turn up in the series, there is also one that Kevin Smith would have revealed to be joining the show.

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According to Kevin Smith, speaking about it Fatman Beyond podcast, he once tried to use Werewolf by Night for a Howard the Duck pitch to Hulu, but it was turned down by Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb at the time, who said that the Jack Russell character was used by the Films Division. was being done. . while Moon Knight A TV show rather than a movie, there are many things that suggest that Jack Russell could be making his MCU debut in the series.

Smith said, “Two years ago when we announced, ‘Hey, we’re going to do Masters of the Universe!’ Which is about to happen now, we also announced ‘Hey, we’re going to do Howard the Duck!’ At Hulu, remember? For a red hot minute, I was working on Howard the Duck and before Dave [Willis, Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator] Involved, when it was just me, Jeph Loeb. ‘Hey man, I think you’d be good to Howard the F-King Duck.’ I reached out to Walter Flanagan from Comic Book Men and told him I was going to take a stab at all the f–king characters from the ’70s. Walt was making suggestions and Werewolf by Night was absolutely on the list.”

“In my mind, as I started making my season, I was like, ‘Okay. Episode 5. Werewolf in the Night.’ The idea of ​​our story was that Howard was stuck here and he was trying to get Darkhold’s pages, which would allow him to go back. Howard is because I’m making it out and then I turn to Jeff and Told him what I wanted to do, and then he said ‘You can’t use werewolf at night’ and I asked why. He said the film division was using him.”

It was rumored almost two years ago that Marvel was planning to bring its own werewolf MCU, but there was no word on how this would happen at the time. Moon Knight originally made his debut in 1975 in Werewolf by Knight #32, it wouldn’t be hard to see Jack Russell replace him in the new series as it would be a really easy way to introduce him. Should this matter, we’ll know more soon as filming continues. Moon Knight The series is due to arrive on Disney+ next year.

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