Will Ferrell Thought Elf Would Tank His Career, Until a Bunch of Frat Boys Changed His Mind

Before Will Farrell established himself as a successful Hollywood comedy star, he was known as a special player in SNL, making his first move into film roles. One of the first films that helped establish Farrell as a leading figure was a Christmas comedy ElfDirected by John Favreau. In an interview for Off camera show, Farrell revealed that he feared the film would laugh out of theaters, and not in a good way, until a test screening for a group of frat boys convinced him.

“So here I am in this Christmas movie, like ‘Oh my God, am I just getting hit on it?” Are people going to go, ‘Wait, what is this basis? What is going on here? ‘ I did not know anything. The first time we tested the film, we did two screenings. We did one that was one of a family-focused audience and it worked very well with them. Then, my manager Jimmy called me and said, ‘Hey. So we just had the first one and it went really well, but I’m looking at the lineup for the second screening and it’s like a bunch of frat boys from USC, and we can take part in it. ‘But it is also played for the audience. When we knew, it would probably serve as one of those rare films that works for everyone and you throw your mind aside. “

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basis for Elf That Farrell’s character, Buddy, was a human being raised between Santa’s calves. Knowing the truth about his legacy, the Buddy Elf sets out to find his biological father in the human world, bringing with him a contagious sense of naivety and enthusiasm. According to Farrell, a major reason he was unsure Elf It was that it was a brand of comedy that was safer and more family friendly than what was previously known.

“This is all an educated guess and you find it with every film. The scene about which the crew was falling on the floor, I would say not a scene that is out of my experience, not for the audience.” , The small, strange things you were just doing and nobody noticed, they are great laughs. Therefore, you never really know, I would say that, as regards the elf, you know before that. Bindu I was known for a kind of comedy style, which was coming live Saturday night. I had just filmed Old School – which hadn’t surfaced yet – but I think I was known for Edgar, a kind of comedy. “

Fortunately, the actor’s mistakes proved to be unfair, and Elf Became a critical hit in his career. although will Ferrell Has so far opposed the idea of ​​creating a sequel, saying that it would be a bit pathetic for him to play the role of a middle-aged budgie, the original Elf Remains a holiday classic for fans worldwide.

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