Will and Kate Wedding Anniversary: A Look Back At Their Royal Wedding

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In honor of Will and Kate’s 10th wedding anniversary on April 29, we’re looking at some of the most fascinating and surprising details of their royal wedding.

There is no more serious matter than a royal wedding – especially when it is the wedding of a future king. The marriage opportunities of Kate Middleton and Prince William were, of course, no exception. In honor of the 10th wedding anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – which they are celebrating on 29 April – we are seeing some secret secrets of Will and Kate’s royal wedding that you have forgotten about – or didi ‘ Don’t know how to start with.

The Middlettes come to know of Will and Kate’s engagement before the royal family

This is right. Prince William’s grandmother may have been the Queen of England, but it turns out that the happy couple did not let the royal family get away with news of their engagement. According to the recently aired ITV documentary, The day will and kate got married, Kate’s parents, Carol and Michael Middleton, find out about the offer before most of the royals. Will was proposed in November 2010, three weeks before the exciting news was publicly announced, and he actually told his family the same morning. When asked about it later, Charles said he was “clearly thrilled.”

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Kate styled herself to announce official engagement

One would have thought that Kate would have sought the help of a stylist for the couple very Announcement of public engagement, but he did not require it. In the ITV anniversary dock it is also revealed that Kate visited Daniela Hayel, founder and former creative director of the label Issa London, to see if she had any blue dress that she called “a very special lunch.” “. We now know that she was looking for something to match her sapphire engagement ring (which, by the way, was given by Prince Diana to Princess Diana many years ago). Kate could not find the right fit in Helleel’s studio, but fortunately she remembered that she had already had the brand’s blue wrap dress sitting in her closet. The documentary states, “She always knew what suited her, she always had her own style.” The dress Kate finished wearing, and it quickly sold out after the big announcement.

Kate showed the same encouraging feeling on her wedding day, when she did her own makeup after taking some tips from Bobby Brown’s makeup artist.

A few special people made a guest list for Will and Kate’s royal wedding

There is no doubt that Cambridge’s wedding was a star-studded fight – David and Victoria Beckham, Elton John and Joss Stone were just some celebs in attendance. But the 1,900 long guest list was not made up of celebrities, diplomats and royalty. Kate made sure to invite people from her community such as Melman, Ryan Nailer and local butchers, Sue and Martin Fiedler. “ITV said in the doctor,” Martin was in the shop with Postman, and Martin called me and said, ‘A letter is addressed to you.’ “I picked it up, and wow, I was in tears. I could not believe Martin and I deserved an invitation. “

And Pippa Middleton was a super assistant

Kate’s younger sister Pippa was very serious about her dutiful maid. Apparently, she personally phoned some guests in the neighborhood of Middlettes to invite her to the royal wedding. Local pub owner John Healy talked about the very real experience for the documentary: “I returned the number and he said, ‘Hi John, this is Pippa.” She said, ‘Kate would like to know that you want to go to her wedding.’ I honestly never expected this. “

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Duchess Kate’s bouquet was full of symbolism

You’ll probably remember that Kate had a small, delicate bouquet of white flowers. Each had its own special meaning: lilies-of-the-valleys, representing a return to happiness; Hyacinths for constipation of love; Ivy, which stands for loyalty, marriage, friendship and affection; Myrtle, also for marriage and love; And Sweet Williams, for heroism (and, of course, the added touch of sharing a name with her husband!). According to the Palace, a sprig of Meryl originated with flowers at a former royal residence planted by Queen Victoria in her own home in 1845, and has been a tradition for the royal bride’s bouquet as the emperor’s eldest daughter, the princess Victoria, while she was in marriage. 1858.

Plant life played an important life throughout the ceremony

It is hard to forget the magnificent image of the English field maples glittering the corridors of Westminster Abbey for the royal wedding of Will and Kate. BBC Reports suggest that the trees are a symbol of reserve and humility, and after the wedding, they were replicated at Prince Charles’ holiday home in Wales.

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Bridesmaids outfits were also carefully planned

In a sweet touch, the dresses for the four young bridesmaids were created using the same fabric as Kate’s iconic Alexander McQueen wedding gown. As a bridesmaid, each bride’s name and wedding date were embroidered into their dress linings. Palace said the young girls also wore garlands – made of ivy and lily-of-the-valley flowers – worn by headdress Kate’s mother at their wedding in 1981.

Will and Kate’s cake making proved to be a challenge

During the celebration of their wedding, Will and Kate served an intricate, eight-tiered fruit cake made by Fiona Cairns, which took several weeks to design and create. According to ITV Doc, Kate settled into a cream and white look with lace detailing that was actually crafted after a piece of lace from her wedding gown. When the big day was finally over, elements of the giant cake were taken to Buckingham Palace in 400 separate boxes and assembled on site. The team also had to land a door in the palace to transport the cake, which Queen Elizabeth II jokingly watched. “When the queen came to see us, the cake was not completely finished, I remembered her saying, ‘I heard you are finishing my house,” Cairn says in the documentary. “But it was all put back in the end, so it was fine.”

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