Wild Star Wars Rumor Claims Disney Will Erase the Sequel Trilogy and Reset Canon

Wild Star Wars Rumor Claims Disney Will Erase the Sequel Trilogy and Reset Canon

it’s a fact. Enough Star wars Fans hate the new Disney trilogy that reunited with The Force Awakens and followed The last jedi And Rise of skywalker. The closing of the Skywalker saga drew considerable hatred upon its release last December, which in all honesty feels like a millennium ago. Now, a wild new rumor, which is unsatisfying, has started circulating. While many people do not believe what is being said, the person who brought this news had some solid information. Rise of skywalker Trial screening and concluding story.

A YouTuber known as Dummock is on it again. He brought news of the Doomed Test screening for The Rise of Skywalker. He now claims that Disney is ready to ruin its sequel trilogy, and erase it from the current canon. This would be good news for many, although the three films in question, J.J. Directed by. Abrams and Ryan Johnson are his admirers.

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Doomcock is ‘speculative’ The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and Rise of skywalker Will everyone be scrubbed, and this reboot was hinted at in the final film, when Ray encountered Dark Ray in the wreck of another Death Star. There is no truth in these thoughts, although it has not stopped Star wars Fans were disappointed with the franchise’s handling of Disney as saliva fell over prospects. Doomcock’s video on the subject has garnered a lot of thought and attention since it was launched last week.

Thought of erasing The Force Awakens And from its sequel current Star wars Canon comes from a thread in the story Star wars rebelsPopular animated series airing on Disney XD Channel. Doomcock says this.

Titled ‘A World Between Worlds’ in Episode 13 of Season 4, the concept of The Veil of the Force was introduced, a mysterious dimension of The Force that connects all time and space. I claim from two additional sources Confirmed to do. It is spot-on that Lucasfilm actually realizes they have a major problem on their hands, that the Star Wars franchise is all but dead, and despite Kathleen Kennedy hating the idea, the Lucasfilm sequel Trilogy is preparing to present null and void. “

Doomcock was previously undergoing a ‘civil war’ Star wars Producer George Lucas and Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy. Now, Doomcock is claiming that the sequel trilogy, “to be removed from the canon, will be treated as an Elsevores-like installment under its own Alternate Time and Star Wars Legends label.”

Theory states that new Star wars Movies will be held separately Star wars Multiverse. Doomcock then states that, “a huge reset is about to hit the Star Wars universe.” He also thinks that the key to this reboot lies within the controversial revival of Emperor Palpatine.

“Emperor Palpatine built a room on the second Death Star called The Death Star of Mirrors. The mirrors were built by the Emperor before the Death Star through the Dark Side using ancient Sith rituals. These mirrors cast a veil of force Linked multiple objectives. Using them, Palpatine can manipulate the military in many ways to advance his objectives. Han doesn’t foolishly walk in one light, Leia doesn’t fly through space like Mary Poppins Hai, Luke has nothing to run away from and no one consumes green milk., And I am informed that there will be no amazing ‘Surprise Ray’ as she was born after the death of the Emperor. “

Whereas a large group of Star wars Fan base would love to see the franchise reboot, with the Ray trilogy thrown into the dustbin of history, with many on social media calling it nothing more than a huge, dumb rumor. And it should be taken until Disney and / or Lucasfilm sprinkles some salt on the situation.

There has been a petition on change.org for a long time that this sequel trilogy be stripped of official canon. It added 116,794 supporters, but none of Disney’s people has publicly acknowledged it. No current word when next Star wars The film will hit theaters. We all know that Taika Waititi is working on a new film, although no details have been released yet.

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