Why The Office Reunion Is Looking “More Likely” Now Than Ever

Why The Office Reunion Is Looking "More Likely" Now Than Ever

Excited news, Office Fan!

Greg Daniels, Creator of the iconic NBC sitcom, is sharing new details about the prospect of a long-awaited TV reunion starring his favorite Dunder Mifflin staff in your honor OfficeOn the arrival of Mayur last week.

Danielle shared with E, “I think it’s probably more likely now that the show is on More, but there are no plans right now!” News exclusively on Tuesday, January 5. “But it seems people are more open now.”

When asked if a Office The reunion may take place on Mayur, with Daniels revealing, “I think that’s what the characters have to say about the issue. Maybe the thing is done. friend-Style reunion kind of thing. I don’t know, it’s still very unclear. “

He said, “The weird thing about it is that when we finished it, we jumped a year ahead and a lot of them are no longer working there. Jim and Pam now live in Texas and so does Darryl We do.” “But it would be fun to find some lost episodes and shoot them as if they were back in 2010 or something.”

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