Why Shae Anderson’s Journey to Summer Olympics Will Inspire Families

Meet U.S. Olympic Surfers Competing at Tokyo 2020 Games

When it comes to inspiration, Shae Anderson never had to look far.

Ever since she was a young girl, the track and field star was amazed at her dad Mark Anderson‘s athleticism. After all, the UCLA alum is a two-time all-American decathlete who holds the university record in the event.

So, when Shae decided to stop figure skating as a kid, it made sense that she switched to track and field​, where her dad took on the role of coach and mentor. 

“My dream was to go to the Winter Olympics, but I’m now following in my dad’s footsteps,” Shae exclusively shared with E! News on July 10. “Ever since I was little, I knew how great of an athlete my dad was and I wanted to be like just like him. He aspired to be in the Olympics and I wanted to do that as well.”

Back on June 20, Shae’s dreams came true when she became a member of Team USA’s track and field relay pool for the Tokyo Olympics. Any and all celebrations, however, were paused once Mark experienced a health scare.

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