Why make up is important for us?

Why make up is important for us?

Why we do make up? What is the purpose of the makeup we do? To please? To please other people or to please someone in our family? To please my man or the men around him? Usually we do makeup every day for just casual outgoings or as soon as we have a weary head. We do makeup to hide imperfections, flaws in our face or to highlight our positive strengths. 

Sometimes we do makeup or a simple touch of mascara the other time. Sometimes women tend to make up a lot when they feel inferior. Since most of the women do makeup since they love it. It is true that for the most part it is a small daily pleasure, with which you feel more feminine. 

Being disguised returns a sensation of cleanliness and well-being. So this is the first place to please and feel good that we make up. Not only to please others, because as everyone knows, “tastes and colors,” according to the colors of eye shadow or lipstick used and it does not always unanimous. Firecracker with a blue or green eyes on flashy, it tends to be weird look, while the nude is better to please the girl or guy lambda.

But women also wear makeup to hide, hide all the kinks we inherit and that time increases. A dull and pale, imperfection, small eyes on days when they are tired can be do hide by a makeup. The make-up is also a mask. Sometimes still some to come out without makeup to go to the commission, or buy bread … because it knows that it will not meet anyone, or as strangers. 

In this case it is camouflaged as possible depending on the season, with caps, hats, sunglasses, praying not to fall on someone you know. In contrast, all wear makeup to see their friends and especially to go to work. Moreover, many friends and colleagues or we’ve never seen without makeup. 

So to summarize, it does not matter if we are strangers without makeup but impossible for our friends and relatives. Moreover, even women who are generally more flexible rules on make-up in the summer, they often happens to still the foundation to go to the beach, in addition to eye makeup and little gloss protector, of course.

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