Why Keke Palmer Felt “Misunderstood” As a Child Star

Kke palmer Being a child star knows that it is all broken.

On Laura BrownOf ladies First Podcast, 27 years old Hustlers Actress – who previously starred in the Nickelodeon sitcom True Jackson, V.P. From 2008 to 2011 — admitted that she struggled early in her career.

“At a young age, as a child [in the] The entertainment world, your feelings are always the last thing people care about, “she said Brown, Editor-in-Chief in style. “I think you become a person-happy really quickly and try to do everything that everyone wants you to. And that’s why I think a lot, you’re misunderstood.”

These days, however, Palmer is not worried about what people think of him. Last year, a video of one of the National Guard trapping men marching with protesters during one of the summer Black Lives Matter demonstrations went viral.

Actress told Jimmy kimmel At that time, “It seems to me that this kind of division in society is happening from every angle, whether you are in the military, whether you are black, white or whatever, I feel that we all need to come Necessity together and I think I was really overwhelmed and didn’t know what I was really saying. I was really speaking from my heart and how I was feeling. “

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