29 Men and One...Box? Meet the Suitors of The Bachelorette

Why Katie Thurston Will Only Watch The Bachelorette Alone

“[Kaitlyn] was there from start to finish to give me advice, and the one thing that her and I both agreed on is we are in 2021, so people are starting to be a little bit more open and a little more comfortable, but there are still people who view it as a crime, a stigma, a taboo,” Katie explains. “So I’m just kind of reinserting that back into the conversation and on the screens, and hoping people start those conversations.” 

Katie says she isn’t afraid of letting her friends and family watch the season, partly because they’re more open than she is sometimes. But no matter what, she’s not letting anyone join her watch parties.

“I mean, single or engaged, I would be watching this alone,” she says. “I can’t watch it with my family or my friends, seeing myself make out with all these guys. I just need to be alone and embrace it and process it myself.” 

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