Why Joe Alwyn Was the Right Guy for Taylor Swift’s Love Story

Taylor Swift Makes Rare Comment About Her Relationship With Joe Alwyn

Of course, as with most things in Swift’s life, very careful, deliberate planning was required.

In the early months of their romance about five years ago, Swift and the London-based actor went into “lockdown” mode, a source told E! The news, an approach that included a series of private jets, prompted UK customs officials to examine Tarmac, black-out sedans and her passport on dates spent in private places, where sources say, “They The pressure of being in a public relations and decision-making people can really know without each other. “

Even after Sun Revealed by “Taylor’s Secret Brit Love” in May of 2017, the couple maintained their cloak and dagger routine, rarely go out in public together and certainly never show their face.

When Alvin crashed into his penthouse in Nashville and New York, he had other tactics. Both homebodies, they often gave up, which of course made huge amounts of diners who were in favor of ordering themselves in cooking or delivery, as they did to host in Nashville. Should they need to get out, the clever duo will rely on bodyguards, sleek sedans and a solid trio of heavy clothing to help them slip around without a slip.

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