Why isn’t Robinhood a verb yet? – ClearTips

Why isn’t Robinhood a verb yet? – ClearTips

Hello and welcome back to Equity, ClearTips’s venture capital-focused podcast (Now on Twitter!), Where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

This week Natasha Mascarenhas, Danny Crickton And Your humble servant Gathered to interact for their enjoyment through rounds and hosting of Venture Capital News. As a programming note, I’m effectively off next week, so to see both Natasha and her and Danny to show Equity on Monday and Rock on Thursday. I will miss you all

But in this show, here’s what we got:

  • Early Zoom investors are betting millions on better zoom for schools: Built on Natasha’s reporting, we took a look at a neat company that wants to improve Zoom for educational environments where it suddenly stepped into center stage. There is a greater need for teachers.
  • Bookclub’s first rule? No boring book club. Another Natasha story this week, this time about a startup that we like to some extent but cannot decide what its market will be like. Nevertheless, the biblophiles in your life should read this piece and preach about access to writers.
  • Robinhood raised $ 460 million more, raising its predecessor $ 200 million Series G to a total investment of $ 660 million. Chaim added $ 485 million to a new, $ 14.5 billion valuation. What have we dug in this pair and why are they raising so much money?
  • The short answer is Hella Vikas, leading us to a question and the title of this week: Why is Robinhood not a verb yet?
  • Willow, a wearable breast pump startup, raises $ 55 million: Natasha talked us through some issues with the phrase Femtek, before Danny told us the need to offer Willow. Here more technology is being used to help more people in more stages of life.
  • We then turned to VC Media, namely our notes on a new venture capital gameshow, and launched a 16 podcast network. We also worked out that Casey Newton is involved in the same conversation.

Travel to Bonn for a week, be safe and don’t forget to register to vote.

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