Why isn’t its IPO worth more? – TipsClear

Why isn’t its IPO worth more? – TipsClear

Will not be forgotten It is the only company headquartered outside the United States, aiming to go public this quarter. After grabbing Agora’s F-1 filing, the China-and-U.S.-based, API-driven tech company that went public last week, today we’re parsing DoubleDown Interactive’s IPO document.

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The mobile gaming company is targeting the NASDAQ and wants to trade under the ticker symbol “DDI”.

Like Agora, DoubleDown filed F-1 instead of S-1. Because it is based in South Korea, but it is slightly more complex than that. DoubleDown was founded in Seattle, according to Crunchbase, before selling itself at the WW Games. is Located in South Korea. So, yes, the company is filing an F-1 and will be majority-holding by its South Korean parent company Post-IPO, but the offering is more localized than before.

Even more, with an IPO from $ 17 to $ 19 per share The price range can be up to about $ 1 billion upon company debut. Does that value mean anything? We want to find out.

So quickly find the company this morning. We will see that this mobile, social gaming company looks under the hood in an attempt to understand why it is still being sent to the public markets. lets go!


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Anyway, DoubleDown is a well profitable company. Its revenue grew from only $ 266.9 million to $ 273.6 million in 2019, compared to the prior (a gain of just 2.5%), but the company’s net income increased from $ 25.1 million to $ 36.3 million, and its adjusted EBITDA of $ 85.1. Million to $ 101.7 million. Same period.

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