Why Harry Styles, Sarah Jessica Parker and More Missed the Met Gala

Where Fans Look, A Star To Be Seen At The 2021 Met Gala Red Beige Carpets—But No In Stars.

After an unexpected two-year wait prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, the annual Met Gala returns to New York City on Monday, September 13. In adherence to the theme of the night, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” celebrity guests were sprinkled sporting vibrant shades of red and other colors for the motif as the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute made its way into the larger event. did. Kim Kardashian was faceless. Frank Ocean A robot alien was carrying the child. There was a lot to take.

Still, in a sea of ​​sartorial eye candy sported by Normanihandjob regina kinghandjob Gabrielle Union and many more, very Moreover, some stars were nowhere to be found. We’re talking Met Gala staples like Zendayahandjob Katy Perry And kylie jenner. or the resident dreamboat, don’t worry darling‘s Harry Styles. We were really worried.

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